In recent times, many governments are focusing on the internet and how it is affecting their citizens. The past decade has seen a rise in censorship of certain websites around the world, including social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some countries have gone to extreme lengths to suppress any free speech or criticism of the government online.The Internet is under attack from all fronts, online banking security is being compromised by hackers on a daily basis, with financial institutions confused to update their software for better protection.

Some would rather monitor your activity online than keep you safe because they think that if you have nothing to hide, then you should not be worried about someone noticing what you are doing but the truth is that if you are doing nothing wrong, then why should you care if someone is watching your every move.No website is safe from censorship or monitoring. We all use the internet every day for doing business, pay bills online and even socialize with our friends via Facebook or Twitter  but imagine what would happen if access to these sites were suddenly blocked.

Fortunately, there are several solutions out there for unblocking websites and allowing users to browse anonymously. One of the best methods currently available is through using a Virtual Private Network (VPN Service), which can be set up on any compatible device within minutes.Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are only able to be banned because they use servers that are located in certain countries around the world. Because of this, they are unable to be accessed by people in other locations.

A VPN service encrypts your web traffic and changes your real IP address, meaning that you can take-off your location so that it appears as if you are browsing from another country but you should know that How to use a VPN. When you have access to servers around the world then you will be able to unblock any website on the internet simply by connecting to a server located in a country where it is not currently blocked. The best thing about using a VPN service is that all data transmitted between your device and the website’s servers remains private at all times, which means that no one will ever know what websites you visit online or what information you share there. You should also know Top tips for staying online to get a better understanding of online surfing. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot see what sites you visit, they can only see that you are connected to the VPN and nothing more.

With a VPN, no one can access your personal information or track what you do online. You will be assigned a unique IP address by the VPN server which masks your real identity and allows you to browse anonymously from anywhere in the world with internet access. There is now an abundance of free software available on both PC and Mac for those who wish to unblock any website, simply download the relevant app, install it onto your device and connect to a VPN service.

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