Everyone loves YouTube, for it provides us with lots of entertainment and healthy food for thought. Also, it is a powerful platform for self-expression and making money. For thousands of people, YouTube is a business. However, censorship or copyright-based content restrictions still take place there. In this piece, we’ll cover the best tools to unblock YouTube proxy servers being among them.

No time to read lengthy guides on the topic? Want to unblock that super important YouTube video right here and right now? Find the quickest steps to take below:

  1. Find a high-quality VPN.
  2. Install it.
  3. Choose a country where the video you need is unblocked.
  4. Establish connection.
  5. Grab some popcorn and enjoy watching.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the topic of proxies and how they’ll help you bypass YouTube blocking.

Why Videos Get Blocked on YouTube

No doubt, YouTube is among the most popular video-sharing platforms across the globe. However, it’s also among the most restricted online services throughout the world. The intention to block certain YouTube videos may be driven by justified reasons; however, the whole thing usually affects a multitude of innocent people in the long run.

Blocked YouTube content is associated with an array of reasons. Here are some of them:

  • political, cultural, or religious sensitivity of videos;
  • copyright or licensing reasons;
  • individual cases of completely blocking YouTube at schools or in offices;
  • bugs or improper settings.

Using Proxies to Bypass YouTube Restrictions

If your sole intention is to watch your favorite vlogs or, say, learn how to bake caramel muffins via YouTube tutorials, then all this blocking stuff is just too much. Fortunately, there’s a very effective way to unblock YouTube whenever you need it, in just a few taps. It’s called proxy servers (or proxies).

Proxies are gateways between your digital persona and the rest of the net. They are go-between computers (servers) separating end users from the websites they visit. By making the most of this smart tool, you can watch restricted YouTube videos anonymously, without having to disclose your IP and personal data. That said, when utilizing proxies, you completely change your online identity. That, along with the possibility to access your favorite content, helps you protect yourself from possible hacker attacks.

Here are some other perks of using proxies on YouTube:

  • making the most of the Audio Only mode;
  • using the Resume Video option on a regular basis;
  • collecting SEO-friendly data and conducting precise analyses;
  • managing multiple accounts, etc.

Cutting to the Chase: Proxies Give Freedom & Security

Whether you’re using YouTube for studying or relaxing, the platform is a go-to learning resource. If the uploaded videos don’t offend or mislead other people, then blocking them is unnecessary. Therefore, using proxies to unblock your favorite YouTube content that helps you learn something new or unwind at the end of the day is a must-do. Just make sure that using proxy servers is allowed in your country. Have anything to add on the topic? Comment away below. We greatly value your opinion.

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