One of the easiest ways to find yourself smack in the middle of an 007-type adventure is going on a tour of casinos and gambling cities around the world. Neon lights, pretty ladies, luxury gambling, and some of the best entertainment you’ve ever experienced in your life are tied together with the chance to win huge jackpots. Mind-blowing site brings you online roulette games and conveys the atmosphere of the best casinos

And speaking of having your mind blown, these beautiful havens of adventure are available all over the world. So where do you start your adventure from? Here’s a list of cities with some of the best casinos in the world, to help you get past the choice paralysis.

Macau, China

Regarded worldwide as the Asian gambling capital of the world, this former Portuguese territory has fully grown into its reputation as a casino city, with millions of visitors coming in every year to experience the unique blend of a city that combines ultramodern casinos with traditional Chinese architecture and Portuguese colonial structures.

Its status as a continued haven for gamblers was recently put under threat with the rapid growth of online casinos, but the exciting atmosphere of the city continues to encourage more visitors every year.

With a well-timed boost from the Chinese economic boom, this hodgepodge Asian city is well on its way to becoming one of the largest casino cities in the world.

Las Vegas, USA

When you think gambling, you think Las Vegas. This historic city in Nevada, USA is synonymous with gambling. Currently the largest gambling city in the world, Las Vegas is to gambling what Rome is to Catholics.

Walking down the Strip, drowned in neon lights and rumbling music, you can spend weeks moving in and out of some of the most luxurious casinos ever without exhausting the options.

Casinos in Las Vegas have hosted the greatest names in music, comedy, acting, and even sports. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add your name to the list of greats that have enjoyed the hospitality of the gambling capital of the world.


For the average traveler, the ultra-modern city-state of Singapore has a wide range of attractions worth taking a trip to see. For the traveling gambler, however, you have just one destination and that is the Marina Bay Resort. Serving as a city attraction in its own right, the resort boasts a world-class casino that boosts this small Asian city-state to the top of the list of the best gambling cities in the world.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

If you want to gamble the right way, with supermodels hanging off your arm and partying on superyachts at the end of the day, then this small oasis in the south of France is where you want to be.

A haven for the countless European fortunes floating around the continent, the Monte Carlo casino is the crowning feature of this exciting city, allowing it to lay claim to the title of “casino city.” Luxurious, iconic and entertaining, you tread where royalty, celebrities, and commoners alike have treaded when you visit this institution.

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