Anyone starting out or thinking of changing a career today should consider how their choice of career is going to play out in the future. For the best long-term prospects and opportunities for promotion, it may be worth considering a job in a growing sector likely to get larger in the future. With skilled employees in these areas in great demand, there will be plenty of employment opportunities and promotion opportunities, particularly for those who get ahead of the curve and start on this career path today.


Healthcare has long been a career with good prospects, which is unlikely to change. However, there are some areas of healthcare that are going to grow faster than others. With an aging population, there is likely to be increased work for nursing practitioners and anyone who works with the elderly, from home health aides to geriatricians.

For obvious reasons, epidemiology is a hot topic now. With governments across the globe keen to learn the lessons of the Covid-19 pandemic, epidemiologists are much in demand to understand how this pandemic has progressed and how we might be better prepared for the future. Related to this are the vaccine specialists, who are needed to continue developing vaccines for this pandemic and other viruses in circulation and be ready for future pandemics.

For those who want to combine healthcare with technology, a career as a biomedical engineer would be a good option and is one of the fastest-growing areas of medicine. Developing everything from medical software to artificial limbs, the continuous need for innovation and improvement means that this career has excellent long-term prospects.

Statisticians and analysts

With the amount of data produced reaching an unprecedented level, there are many roles for statisticians and analysts in the business, government, and healthcare. Statistics-related careers include data analyst, statistician, market research analyst, digital marketer, and operations research analyst. These are fast-growing careers with good rates of pay and long-term prospects.

The first step for those wanting to move into this area is gaining the proper qualification. A statistics degree is an excellent choice to prepare you for these jobs, and roles and courses are available at many universities. For those who are unable or do not want to attend a university in person, it is straightforward to gain these qualifications through online study. Michigan Tech is one place that delivers a Master’s in Applied Statistics 100% online, teaching students how to analyze and interpret data in the industry and other real-life settings. Achieving this qualification will make your application stand out for statistics and data professional roles.

IT roles

As computer technology advances, this sector will keep growing, so it is no surprise to find some IT roles among the fastest-growing careers. Software developers are one role that is much in demand. This role requires the employee to design computer programs and applications or to troubleshoot, update and improve existing programs.

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing crime areas, so, unsurprisingly, there is a growing demand for people to combat the criminals. Information security analysts monitor networks, test IT systems for weaknesses, develop online security plans and install protection software. Many businesses employ security analysts, particularly in the financial and health sectors. However, they are also used by government departments to prevent national threats.

Those who are more creative may consider a career as a graphic designer, using the latest photo editing and publishing software. In today’s increasingly competitive world, companies need good graphic designers to create eye-catching marketing materials, including websites, logos, and brochures, to help them stand out from the crowd.

Good IT skills are a valuable ability for a wide range of roles. It is also worth mentioning that for those just starting their training in the fast-changing world of technology, the job they eventually end up in may not even exist yet.

The environment

The environment is another hot topic, as businesses, governments, and individuals address the growing need to consider their environmental impact. Wind and solar power are two energy sources that many are relying on to meet our energy needs with minimal environmental damage. Roles such as wind turbine service technicians and solar photovoltaic installers are two roles that are growing.

Another growing career that will appeal to those who like to work outdoors is forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists. At a time of rising temperatures, the risk of forest fires will increase, so this career has good long-term prospects and is one where you can make a real difference.

Animal care

Many people acquired pets during the pandemic, causing an explosion in the animal ownership. This has resulted in the animal care sector also expanding. Vets have needed to hire more technicians, veterinary nurses, and pet therapists.

There has also been an increase in demand for help with the day-to-day care of pets. As people have returned to work after the pandemic lockdowns ended, they have needed help looking after their pets, with pet sitting services and dog walkers in demand.

Diverse opportunities

The first step for those considering a new career is to see what these roles require and gain any necessary education or training. When looking at the fastest growing professions, it is interesting to note that they cover a range of sectors, meaning there are new opportunities for all. Whether you enjoy working with people or animals, in an office or the great outdoors, in a technical or creative role, there are good, long-term career prospects, many of which are highly paid with plenty of scope for promotion and development. It is undoubtedly exciting to take those first steps on one of these growing career paths.

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