There are several different kinds of benefits and advantages of using preventative maintenance software. The primary function of such software is to monitor and assess your assets to ensure that they perform at optimal levels.

Preventative maintenance software can usually be found as a feature that is part of CMMS software. They act as a support tool that makes making decisions about maintenance easier.

Here are the most significant ways in which preventative maintenance software can help you and your organization.

Routine Preventative Maintenance

Almost every piece of equipment needed or used by business requires some form of maintenance. This equipment usually has a fixed timeline for when they need to be checked and assessed to ensure that they are functioning.

Ideally, whether the equipment in question is a car, a machine, an IT network, or any other form of a business asset, their maintenance will be routine.

The kind of maintenance that such equipment may need to go through can range from tune-ups, part replacements, inspection, or repair.

For such equipment, preventive maintenance software can streamline the entire maintenance process and make it more transparent. Instead of manually planning your maintenance routine, the software will keep track of your schedule and plan routine checks.

They will cover every business asset that needs to be maintained across all business operations. If such software keeps track of your maintenance operations, it is much harder for any asset to be left out of the maintenance process. They can also be customized to suit your business operations entirely.

Delegating and Assigning Work

For companies with a large workforce or even more than three people working on maintenance issues, delegating tasks can form a large part of the working day.

You need to coordinate all employees’ schedules and ensure that proper lines of communication exist between the technician and the employee. However, if you use a CMMS, workers can be assigned their daily duties without any hassle.

A CMMS will automate the process of assigning and coordinating the work of the entire maintenance team and having employee onboarding systems. You can also opt to create a system that supports workers and helps them stay on track with their duties.

The chance of workers duplicating each other’s work is slim in such a system because the software will automatically provide optimal schedules.

Furthermore, with mobile access development, employees can access the software and check they are assigned from anywhere. They do not have to waste time running between the system and their point of work.

Making Reports

In the long run, companies need to have a bird’s view of the maintenance teams’ work. They need to know how the company operates, when and how maintenance work is done, and why maintenance work was done for specific assets.

To do all this, comprehensive maintenance reports need to be made that can quickly collate all relevant information. This is where the preventative maintenance software comes in. This type of software can promptly help managers create an extensive range of reports each meant for different purposes.

You can use specific key-performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your work. You can also enter specific details such as serial numbers or model numbers to identify different business assets.

This software can also help you match maintenance work according to whether a business asset is under warranty or not. This can prove highly useful since the way you would approach maintaining an asset that is under warranty is significantly different from your approach to assets without one.

Work Ordering

Preventative maintenance software will have various tools that help you manage your work orders and keep track of the work being done. This kind of software assists companies by automating the generation of work orders and helps you keep an eye on the progress throughout a maintenance cycle.

You can track the history of maintenance activities, but you can also assign specific tasks to individual employees as and when required. The high-level benefit is that it reduces the need for you to micromanage your employees and improves the organization’s overall communication levels.

Almost every preventative maintenance software has built-in security protocols. Only authorized users can mark each work order as being completed. These systems also allow you to assess at a glance the amount of work that’s already been done and the work that is still to be completed.

Asset Monitoring

Since assets are the building blocks of a company, every organization needs efficient techniques to ensure proper functioning. Almost every kind of preventative maintenance software has features that allow you to undertake comprehensive asset management functions.

These functions will primarily include asset monitoring and tracking. Tracking functions can consist of live video feeds or real-time GPS tracking of moving assets.

Through this software, you can keep a check on how well an asset is performing, how much it is being used, what is the cost of using it, and so on. These functions help you make business decisions that optimize the efficiency of your assets.

You can also see which assets are still under warranty and which are not. You can generate warranty records within the system itself.

Another critical element of CMMS software is that they help you monitor the depreciation of your assets. There are four primary ways in which depreciation can be tracked. These are a straight line, units or production, sum of years digits, and double-declining balance.

To use any of these techniques can be highly complicated without CMMS software, but with it, you can quickly enter the relevant data and have a snapshot view of the depreciation of your assets.

Improved Regulatory Compliance

Safety and regulatory compliance are crucial for any organization. Preventative maintenance software will help you meet your regulatory requirements as well.

It also keeps a record of every kind of data that can be required for auditing purposes. You will instantly know if a piece of equipment fails despite proper care and maintenance.

You will also be able to track safety and health information through the software. It helps you by coordinating their training activities, storing training documentation, and preventing any gaps in safety standards.


Preventative maintenance software can help your organization in a variety of ways. Several features work together to streamline and quicken almost every aspect of asset maintenance.

If you are an organization that depends on having the best and highest performing assets, then having such software help you with your needs may be essential.

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