Node.js still gets the deserved attention, but frameworks make developers’ lives much more straightforward. As time passes, we expect even more popular ways to ease the development process, like more tools and functionalities.

In 2022, there are plenty of Node.js frameworks you can use. Even when you see a company looking for Node js developers for hire, they are pretty likely to ask you if you know any framework.

So, in this article, we will focus on these simplified yet highly functional ways to build a Node.js app. Many developers decide to focus on at least one framework because of flexibility, security, and innovative approach to optimizing the whole process of development.

Let’s discover which are the most popular among them all:

1. Koa.js

Koa.js is a modern framework used to create APIs. Node.js developers who use it say it’s one of the most convenient ways to have fun during the development process.

The code is clear and concise, and you can resolve the ongoing issues immediately. It’s easily customizable, and you can optimize the user experience as you create the app. You can even build Node.js apps from scratch using Koa.js.

It’s great for high-performance apps and big projects. Also, it’s one of the fastest frameworks available on the market. If you are a beginner, you may consider using some node js tutorial first since Koa.js can be pretty complex and difficult to grasp immediately.

2. Nest.js

Nest.js can be considered an object-oriented and functional-reactive programming language. Node.js developers use it for dynamic and scalable web apps, mostly for big companies.

It takes the example from more popular frameworks but eases the development process using TypeScript.

Nest.js is a framework that turns environments into functional programming languages, so developers can build enterprise-level solutions and dynamic apps.

3. Express.js

Express.js is probably the most popular Node.js framework in the world. The whole concept is based on templates and a straightforward structure. It’s great for those who need to launch efficient solutions in a shorter time while performing tests as they develop the project.

Opposite of previously mentioned frameworks, you don’t need a piece of advanced Node.js knowledge to understand Express. It’s pretty intuitive and can handle many commands at once as you build and deploy highly functional web solutions.

You can use Express.js when building browser-based and highly secure apps that require flexible node js hosting. It’s also great for beginners because the whole concept is easy to grasp. Additionally, the vast community can help anyone to learn Express.js faster than you can imagine.

4. Hapi.js

Hapi.js is the most secure Node.js framework among them all, while it’s also reliable and comes with plenty of built-in plugins.

Hapi is pretty popular because of its rich ecosystem, as you can build a scalable application and fix bugs immediately.

It’s compatible with MongoDB, MySQL, Rest APIs, and HTTPS proxy apps.

You can use it for social media apps since they require security and scalability.

5. Loopback.js

This is another completely functional and highly extensible Node.js framework. You can integrate it with many API services, even though it works best with Rest API.

Loopback.js is beautifully structured, flexible, and extensible and helps you maintain all the modules efficiently. Many popular services maintain their web apps using Loopback.

It offers advanced data storage and exceptional user management. Codes are clean and functional. It’s primarily used to build authentic end-to-end web solutions.

6. Total.js

Total.js is another open-source framework that is entirely flexible regarding Node.js coding. Developers love it because of the real-time tracking, database compatibility, advanced API testing, and low-maintenance costs.

You can use it to build IoT apps and solutions, cloud services, eCommerce websites, and company collaboration tools.

Total.js is a great option for those who work on a tight deadline since it’s completely reliable and convenient.

7. Meteor.js

Meteor.js uses only JavaScript code, allowing you to create desktop and mobile apps for every operating system. It comes with comprehensive libraries and features while running smoothly between clients and servers.

These features make it completely flexible and functional for both simple and complex web app solutions.

Developers love Meteor.js because it’s pretty easy to grasp and have fun while programming. We suggest using it for apps that need regular updates.

8. Adonis.js

It’s a modern Node.js framework. Experts say Adonis is for Node.js same as Laravel is for PHP. Even though it’s quite complex, it’s still simple to use because you can focus on essential details like speed, productivity, data validation, and authentication.

While doing that, the whole process is nicely organized in the folders, while it’s protected from different threats.

You can become a full-stack Node.js developer using this framework to build advanced apps. Adonis is great for safe, secure, and highly interactive web solutions.

Can I Learn Node.js Frameworks Directly?

Knowing that Node.js is a JavaScript environment, we can say that you need to first learn JS, then move to Node.js. After that, you are ready to find the most appropriate framework.

As you can see, different Node.js frameworks can be used for various projects. But, when you have the core knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js, it won’t be too challenging to determine what you really need.

Also, if you have time, we suggest learning at least two frameworks. That way, you recognize the patterns and turn challenges into advantages. Node.js is a widely used environment to build highly functional and scalable web app solutions, so embracing it as a career option means keeping up with all news and updates.

Luckily, frameworks are usually easy to master, so you won’t have problems with them.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know different Node.js frameworks, you can easily find the one you think will be helpful for your further career growth.

When you master at least the mentioned frameworks, you can easily apply for many job openings or even become a Node.js freelance developer. That way, you can turn your knowledge into a direct benefit for you.

We hope that we have helped you discover the most popular Node.js frameworks, together with their benefits.

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