At a higher level, you might be asked to write an article. Here, the issue is how you would know what makes an item is different from another kind of writing. You can pay for papers,but you need to understand. Here are some of the things that you can ponder on:

  1. Identify the reader: an article is a direct interaction with the reader addressing and having a conversation with them. However, an exam question can clarify the readers and their level. For instance, people living in a town or the students in a school who are interested in the Olympics. Henceforth, whatever you are going to write, make sure it resonates with the interest of the readers right from the first sentence.
  2. Give all the attention that is required: while surfing the internet, you will be bombarded with the articles having headlines pulling the reader in. it is known as “click-baiting”, and every writer here is trying to make you visit the page to give a read to their articles.
  3. Must be interesting: to make your article work, it should be engaging enough to read all the way through. Imagine the boredom level of the examiner after reading fifty exam papers. Therefore, the key to getting yourself recognized is, to get a good impression of your writing by impressing them. Add real-life or made-up examples, humor, or quotations.
  4. Easy to read: an article without a break, paragraphs, or quotations looks dull and dry. Therefore, break the content into sections and use subheadings too. You can add cheesy headings to the subheadings and so on. Use the conversational and semi-informal style and ensure your ideas are organized. Brainstorm for a while and choose the best out of all the images. Keep the suspense continued. For this, you need to keep the sequel of the article and think of subheadings that resonate with the last written data.
  5. Conclude properly: people usually forget that conclusion that abstract of the entire article and needs to be vital to keep the influence on the readers. For this, you can read different articles and see how they proceed to a conclusion and serve their best to gain followers. An essay should be ended by giving the reader something to think about. It might be giving them a call to action or questions to think about.

Mistakes that students make in articles:

    • The language used is formal and that of essay type. Avoid words like some people say, to sum up, nevertheless, on the one hand, etc.
    • There is no use of examples or quotations
    • Either there are too many questions or not at all. Use of rhetorical questions does not require any answers. Besides, these questions should not be more than a paragraph.
  • Good examples are:
  • Did you ever……?
  • What thoughts do you have about…?
  • Are you that kind of people who……?
  • How would life be……?
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