IELTS is a widely used English proficiency test for foreigners. Most British Commonwealth countries require applicants to take this test. Based on its results, a decision is made on enrolling a person in a university. Having the results of this exam, you can also get a work visa, as well as citizenship in Canada, Australia, etc.

There are two basic forms of IELTS. The general exam is chosen by individuals who wish to relocate to English-speaking countries. Such an exam allows for testing spoken English skills. Practice shows that an academic IELTS is usually taken by applicants who want to start studying in one of the English-speaking countries. The tasks of this test allow determining the readiness of a person to learn English. As for the structure of the exam, it doesn’t differ for different formats. This includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Evaluation of each part is carried out on a scale from 1 to 9 points. The general score is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the total scores for all four sections. After passing the test, the results are considered valid for several years.

General Characteristics of the IELTS Test

Since IELTS is a fairly simple test, be sure that you can pass it with a high score. It is just important to form effective tactics at the beginning stage in order to successfully complete the tasks. You do not necessarily need to have a huge vocabulary and know complex grammatical structures. The main thing is to master the structure and common specificity of the test. The most difficult is the written part of IELTS. Even excellent knowledge of grammar rules does not guarantee an excellent result. Only regular practice will help to achieve a good result. The hardest task is writing an essay. In this paper, it is significant to use the academic vocabulary, which can be learned by reading various articles, monographs, and other scientific publications in English.

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IELTS Essay Writing Guidelines

If you have a good level of knowledge, feel empowered, and are ready to devote enough time to write a unique essay on your own, pay attention to the expert tips below. They will certainly help you cope with the task at the highest level.

Tips for writing a quality essay for the IELTS test:

  • The correct work algorithm will help organize the essay rationally, distribute and plan it correctly, thoroughly, and timely develop the chosen topic. It is recommended to follow the following sequence of work: choosing a topic, studying and summarizing literature, drawing up a work plan, writing an introduction, presenting the text of the work according to its structure, formulating conclusions and recommendations, compiling a list of sources, and arranging applications. The first stage of essay writing is choosing and understanding a topic. It must be relevant and meet the author`s interests;
  • The next stage of the work is a detailed study, summary, and systematization of literature on the research topic. Material of special importance for the essay should be carefully analyzed. It is worth paying attention to ideas and proposals for solving problematic issues of the chosen topic, discussion issues, and the presence of different points of view;
  • After studying the literature on the chosen topic, you should proceed to draw up an outline. A correct and logical outline is the key to the success of the topic. Refining the outline is complex and can continue throughout the study. It usually includes an introduction, 2-3 interconnected and logically constructed paragraphs that allow revealing the topic, conclusions, and list of used literature sources. It should reflect the key idea of the work, reveal its content and nature, and highlight the most pressing issues of the topic;
  • Important attention should be paid to writing the introduction. This is the part where the hook is provided, the purpose of which is to interest the reader in the state of the issue under consideration, the grounds for studying the topic, as well as the need for conducting research. It is also necessary to provide a general description of the essay in this chapter;
  • The text of the main part should be formed by systematizing and processing the collected materials from each item of the outline. Each paragraph should cover an independent issue. The topic should be revealed without omitting logical links. Theses must be confirmed by facts, opinions of various authors, and analysis of specific practical experience;
  • Theoretical provisions and methodological approaches are the basis for analyzing primary materials or statistical information. They should be formulated not only on the basis of in-depth study of literature sources but also by their critical rethinking and should be aimed at clarifying the links between the research issue and the main problems of further development and improvement of the considered processes;
  • The empirical part (if it is provided by the topic) should contain research on the problem and be based on reliable and complete statistical information. It is necessary to identify trends in the development of the analyzed processes. Along with the shortcomings, it is necessary to reflect on the positive aspects, which will allow considering the problem under study from all sides;
  • You should base your conclusions and recommendations on the results of the analysis. Therefore, in order to substantiate them, it is necessary to widely use modern methods and techniques of analysis;
  • Writing an essay requires students to focus and spend enough time. The text should be presented in literary language with the obligatory use of all necessary professional and specific terms. The student must achieve clarity and quality of presentation of the text, specific conclusions, brevity, and expressiveness of opinions. 

Create a quality essay following the above tips and pass IELTS successfully and without any problems!

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