Guess is a California-based fashion company that manufactures clothes, accessories, and jewelry. It is one of the leaders in the global fashion industry even after several decades already. Before the end of the 20th century, it expanded its product line by partnering with Callanen International. It started producing timepieces that received overflowing appreciation from the public. They come with very affordable price tags perfect for students who have savings to purchase an accurate timekeeping tool. You no longer have to rely on your parent’s money just to have a nice-looking accessory on your wrist.

Don’t underestimate the quality of Guess watches because they can last for 5 to 10 years as long as you properly take care of them. Aside from that, they have cutting-edge design and remarkable accuracy, functionality, and precision. Keep on reading to have an in-depth understanding of the brand.

The quality, movement, and style of Guess watches

There is an astonishing number of Guess watches for men and women with great quality. If you are always out to explore the beauty of the world underwater, the company offers a few watches with high water resistance. Without a doubt, you can wear one during your diving and snorkeling activities. Almost all of the models feature a quartz movement made from Switzerland. This fact alone guarantees you that the company prioritizes quality among others. With this kind of movement, you no longer have to worry about regular winding since you just have to replace the battery after a few years. The characteristic that makes its watches stand out is their style. It ranges from casual to business elegance allowing you to find the model with a design that best suits your lifestyle.

How to care for and maintain your Guess watch?

The best thing about Guess watches is that they are low maintenance. They can survive years without changing the battery but once the situation calls for one, you must ask a reputable jeweler to replace it. For water-resistant models, you must regularly bring them to a professional watchmaker to check the gaskets. It is to be sure that the movement works smoothly and is free from any water damage. Lastly, you must keep it away from caustic chemicals and strong magnets to ensure that it would last for years or even decades.

What is the warranty offered by Guess?

Guess is one of the few brands that offer an attractive warranty. If you experience any issues with the materials and workmanship of the watch within 10 years, you can return it to the company. It is rare to find sellers with warranties that run this long. Purchasing a timepiece from Guess is a great decision since it has a warranty policy that will give you the power to demand something from them for the years to come.

Where to buy a Guess watch?

Guess watches are available in several retail outlets including department stores and fine jewelers. If you don’t have the time to visit any of them, you may just purchase from It is a website that offers watches from the brand at huge discounts. It has some of the most high-end and limited edition models of Guess so you no longer have to find other shopping centers.

Guess watches available in the market today

  • Guess Escrow W0664G2

The Guess Escrow W0664G2 is a dress watch that comes with a price tag of $99. At a very affordable price, you will be getting a lot of benefits from this timekeeping tool. Aside from accurately telling you the time of the day, it has a simple color scheme and unique design that can spice up your overall style. The diameter of the stainless steel case is 44 mm perfect for those with large wrists. To complete the look, the company complemented it with a band made from calfskin material. The only thing you might not love about this model is its low water resistance. A minor water spill can deteriorate its functionality.

  • Guess Horizon W03G6

The Guess Horizon W03G6 has a traditional design with an attractive color palette with a price tag of $165. It has a case diameter that is 1 mm larger than the models mentioned earlier. It comes with a solid back and scratch-resistant crystal to make it durable. To improve its aesthetic appeal, it has a blue dial coated in luminescence, a band made from leather, and silver hand markers. You can submerge it in water at a depth of 100 m without worrying about functionality or accuracy problems.

  • Guess Baxter W0874G2

The Guess Baxter W0874G2 is one of the best-selling models of Guess. You can purchase it for only $119. You will love it because its simple design and neutral colors look great with any kind of attire. Despite the simplicity, it can stand out in a crowd due to its silver dial, mixed indexes, and stainless steel case.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to own a Guess watch; there are models that are extremely affordable giving students the power to purchase them. With proper care and maintenance, it can surely last for a long time! We hope this article helps you out. Get a Guess watch from today!

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