Whether you are a student or a working professional, you are probably familiar with the PDF or Portable Document File format for digital documents. This PDF format is very useful for sending a secure file over the Internet because there are security features for this file type. However, a major headache is getting some pages out of the original document, but it’s in PDF form. What to do? The solution is to split the PDF document.

In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s a must to know how to split PDFs and how to do it with an awesome tool called GogoPDF. So, if you want to find out more, then keep reading!

How Does One Split a PDF Document?

It used to be a big problem if you had to split PDFs in the past. But now, it’s much easier thanks to the tool of GogoPDF.com. It is now so easy, yet you won’t have to spend big money just buying the software. The tool is available right on the Cloud.

To do this, go to GogoPDF.com and make sure that your gadget has a strong internet connection. This is necessary so that you can access the correct PDF file and upload it or drag and drop it into the appropriate slot online. This sets the ball rolling as the Cloud service itself will do the splitting for you.

The beauty of knowing how to split PDF files is that it’s easier to pick specific pages that you want to extract and combine them into a brand new document. You also have the option to remove individual pages and then use what’s left behind in the original document to merge them into a new document. This is no longer a major chore but a simple task that will only take you minutes to do.

You Won’t Need a Complicated OS for This

Some people may be skeptical about the tool, especially if they use a less common operating system as their platform. It is wonderful that the GogoPDF tool can accommodate any operating system on any device. So whether you’re using Mac, Linux, or Windows, GogoPDF is accessible on all these.

You may wonder if this accessibility on any operating system will expose your document to prying eyes. You may even be afraid that the website itself will have a copy of your document after the splitting is done. The truth is, GogoPDF values your privacy very much. The website will only retain the soft copy of your document 60 minutes after it has been split. After that, the website automatically deletes it and you will be the only one left holding the document afterwards.

Will My Document Be Altered In Any Way During Splitting?

You will also be glad to know that you will retain every element of your original document right after you have created the new PDF document. Every element (meaning even the last punctuation mark of the last sentence) will stay the same. The only change is that you can have different page numbers for the result – the new PDF document becomes a stand-alone manuscript.

Who Would Benefit the Most from This Splitting Process?

Naturally, you will be the first to benefit if you succeed in splitting any PDF into one or more brand new documents. You will not have the headache of trying to figure out how new software would work in your favor. You won’t have to bite your nails to the quick while anxiously waiting for the splitting to be consummated. You won’t have to agonize over the price of new software to do this job for you.

Other people in your organization would also benefit, especially if they are the end-users of the new PDF. They may be your immediate boss who asked for the extraction of some important pages. Or they could be your own subordinates who are waiting for the brand new document, especially if this is intended as corporate training material for new employees.

This kind of service is really beneficial for students because you won’t have to dig deep into your allowance to afford expensive software just for this one task. You will be able to meet your academic deadlines since the cloud service only takes minutes to complete the splitting. You also won’t have to borrow someone else’s laptop with a different OS just to do the splitting – because all operating systems are permitted to work with GogoPDF seamlessly.


If you are scrounging around for a solution when you have to split any document, especially PDF ones, look no further than GogoPDF. It will help you to create new PDFs while maintaining the functionality of your original document. It is fast, safe, and most especially convenient for any end-user. You won’t have to worry too much once the PDF splitting tool has done its task. You will only need to be ready to submit your document to the target recipient, and your task is done.

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