If betting on football is something you are interested in, you are in luck. Almost all gambling operators provide their clients with unique options that they can choose from, but only if they wager on this sport. As a result, betting on football has become much more popular than before.

When talking about special options, football provides a lot of different things, including special types of features. One of them is the single bet of the day, allowing online gamblers to wager on a pre-selected event and get better odds. Of course, this option will only work if the bettor wagers on a couple of markets because not all fall into this category.

When talking about betting on football and the different offers, clients can find many other things. Some are more interesting than others and are worth trying, so let’s learn more about them.

Boosted Odds

Some people and even certain bookmakers do not differentiate between the promos that add boosted odds and the special bet for the day because they think those options are the same. Albeit the similarities, you can notice substantial differences between the two.

Unlike the day’s bet, Boosted odds will work in situations where you decide to wager on several markets. You can select a wide range of options, and all of them will have slightly better odds than usual. Gambling brands achieve that by lowering their margins, which makes everything more attractive.

Unlike the boosted odds, the bet of the day will only work if people punt on a specific market from a specific competition. There are a lot of new sports betting fans worldwide, and many of them will appreciate this option,

Building your bet

The fact that some online sports bettors have been using a given online bookmaker for many years means that they have used most of the things it offers. This is usually true for the markets, even though there are iGaming operators that will allow people to choose from more markets than usual.

Once you are in a situation where you’ve used everything and want to test something new, you should check if the gambling platform has an option called “Bet Builder.” This thing will allow you to come up with something different by adding different components.

Depending on the website for sports betting, clients may be able to select markets within the same event into one bet slip or contact customer support and want them to create special types of markets exclusively available to them.

The Acca boosts

It is tough to talk about wagering on sports and not mention what makes this sport such a sought-after option. Accumulators are special options where iGaming fans can wager on multiple events. Doing this will make the bet harder to predict because people must guess the results of at least a few options. However, it increases the odds, meaning the potential payout is much higher than usual.

Regarding accumulators, you can find many innovative football betting operators that will provide many variations. One is the Acca boost, a promotion that rewards people who place bets on more than 3 sports events.

There might be different kinds of accumulator bets. Still, the most prevalent variation can open the gate for as much as 50% in additional winnings, assuming you are willing to choose 10 or more selections and bet on them.

Another popular Acca bet type is the one that gives you insurance. Albeit not as popular as the rest, this thing will allow you to win your bet even if you do not predict one selection. However, the offer will only work if you place a bet over a specific number of competitions.

Football cashback

Cashback has become popular lately, but it usually targets people who use an online casino. However, many premier gambling operators that offer sports betting services also have those things. So, do not be puzzled if you notice that your favorite bookie has football cashback.

This offer allows people who love one of the oldest sports in the world to get a small portion of their losses in the form of a percentage. The latter depends on the operator itself, and it starts from 10% and can reach to 50%.

To put this proposal to the test, people will be required to bet on different football competitions, but they will have to choose from specific markets. Usually, those things have minimum qualifying odds.

It is also worth knowing that the football cashback may only work if you do not predict one or two selections. People who fail to guess the results of everything will most likely not have access to such a deal.

Bonus for individual football betting markets

You can choose from different betting markets, some of which are much more popular than the rest. Usually, people choose those focusing on the teams because they are more attractive. However, you could also stumble upon markets where the site will present you with the opportunity to punt on specific players.

The individual betting markets are a lot different from the rest and usually focus on specific stats, such as goals, red cards, yellow cards, and other things. Moreover, these markets are usually short-termed, meaning you do not need to watch the full game to see if you win or lose.

Sometimes, online bookmakers can provide those kinds of markets as free bets. This means that users could place a bet without using their money, but only if they decide to bet on an individual player.


To sum up, football is a sport where the options are limitless. It offers many more things than many other sports, especially if you look at the features and options. Consequently, the sport is way more popular than the rest.

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