We cannot ignore the importance of mobile phones in our day to day life; they became the soul of our life. Mobile devices have various advantages, such as they provide a calling option as well as the messaging facility.

Messaging is as much important as the calling. If someone is not able to receive your call due to some circumstances, such as, the person is in the meeting, in front of his/her boss, in the hospital; then you can leave a text message to his/her mobile phone.

Before the introduction of Android devices, messaging is just like a simple text where a user types the text and sends it to the person, or he/she has the option to send the same message to a group of people by creating a group in its messaging list.

Today Android mobile phones changed the whole messaging game. Android phones now these days support many instant messaging apps; well, actually these apps are made for android devices because billions of the people in the world are using android phones.

Blackberry has the special messaging option for their blackberry users called “BBM” viz only available for the blackberry devices. If two or more persons have blackberry phones, then they can send each other free messages using BBM. Blackberry messenger was a success, but it has the limitation viz only available for the blackberry devices.

Let’s close the discussion about the BBM; we will now talk about today’s available instant messaging apps.

There are several instant messaging apps are available for android phones as well as for the other mobile platforms. We will not discuss the whole available apps, but instead of discussing all of them, we will take a closer look at three big players, and here are the three giant instant messaging apps:

1.       WhatsApp

2.       WeChat and

3.       Line

Most of the android users are using any one of the three instant messaging apps. Let’s talk about these three apps, one by one:

1. WhatsApp

It is not free for iOS, the user needs to pay $0.99, but it is free for the android and other platforms except the iPhone. To start the WhatsApp, you need to register your number after some steps you can use this app free of cost to send the messages, videos, audio, and any files.

When I first used this app, I liked it, after one year you need to pay $1 to get this app for free of cost to use. WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to send messages without paying for the SMS. It uses mobile data to send SMS.

No doubt it is most widely used the mobile-cross instant messaging app, but, it has some limitations such as limited emotions and no audio messages like WeChat and Line provides.

2. WeChat

It has all the features of a modern messenger; you can send text chat as well as the audio chat by just holding a button to record the audio.

It has several good emotions that you can use during the chat. WeChat allows you to search for the friend in new ways; you can find peoples around the 100 meters by just shaking up the phone.

 Look around will let you know the people around you; drift bottle allows you to send the message to the random people. You can create a group that allows you to chat with many people at the same time.

It also has some disadvantages like you have to add people manually, it does not show the delivery report of the messages like any other shows.


It is the most downloaded app over the 40 countries, around 200 million registered users for this app. The line has no limit on messaging, call, and much more.

It is available for both mobile devices as well as for PCs. I have not used it on the PC, so I am not going to discuss it for PC use. I have used it on my android device so I will discuss that, my experience of using this app.

The main USP of the LINE app is its stickers, which are good and look stunning. You can buy some of the featured listing stickers at a very low cost.

Line allows you to play games besides messaging, audio messaging, and call facility. You can compete with your friends at the same time.

Mobile messaging apps are becoming more than just messaging apps because they allow you to send free messages, calls, a platform to play the games, and much more.

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