Multiplayer games have gained great popularity among Internet users. This is not surprising because, at home, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a futuristic city or get into the battles on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Now there are a lot of projects where you can play alone or with your friends. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is no exception to the rules. This is the most relevant shooter, where in the competitive mode, you need to play in one of the teams in 5-on-5 mode. The team that is first to score 16 rounds wins. In classic matchmaking, it is also possible to draw (15:15), while on FaceIt, additional rounds are possible. In addition, the demand for this game is also increased by the availability of in-game items. Skins do not improve the individual characteristics of weapons and have only a cosmetic effect. For professional players, the cost of items can reach several thousand dollars. Among the most popular and expensive is AWP: Dragon Lore, where some items cost more than $50,000. If you are bored with them, you can sell CS:GO skins. This operation is done both on the Steam Marketplace, as well as through special sites dedicated to trading. So why are eSports so popular? There are several main reasons:

  1. Player salaries. Many young users pay attention to the fact that their experienced fellow gamers earn a lot of money. For example, you can get 100,000 USD per player for winning a Major in CS:GO. In projects such as PUBG and Dota2, the salaries are even higher. Also, the usual salary of a professional is also pleasing. Even in teams that are not in the top 50 overall rankings, the numbers can exceed 2,000 USD per month.
  2. Great perspective. It should be understood that the industry of eSports has only begun to develop over the past 20 years. Therefore, it has not reached the peak of its popularity and will continue to evolve. With the advent of new games, create tournaments where you can show your individual skill level.
  3. Ability to travel. Cybersports have recently become as similar to classic sports as possible in terms of logistics. Despite the fact that teams can conduct games from their room, tournament creators prefer to organize events in public. In this way, cybersport is popularized, and new spectators and sponsors are attracted. In one calendar year, a professional gamer can visit more than ten countries. Moreover, such trips are made at the expense of the organization in which he plays.
  4. Communication with other players. A professional player has an excellent opportunity to communicate not only with the representatives of his country but also with gamers from other countries and even continents. This is a unique opportunity that makes no sense to refuse.

However, only at first glance, it may seem that it is easy to reach such a level. In fact, many players require exhausting training for several years. If you go to a user’s Steam account, you can see that the conditional s1mple has already played more than 20 thousand hours in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Is it possible to become a professional player?

This is a fairly popular question that almost all users who start actively playing cybersports disciplines ask. To illustrate this, we can use CS:GO. Teams that play at a high or relatively high level, no more than 100. In their composition, there are five players each. That is, in fact, the number of professionals does not exceed 500. This is if we talk about an adequate level of the game. Of course, you always have the alternative to try your hand at more modest organizations. Only many users eventually give up this option. This is due to the fact that they do not get the expected effect.

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