We all are waiting for the announcement of Windows 12 by Microsoft, aren’t we? Well, not everyone hates windows. A lot of people actually love the concept and the user interface of the windows. As of now, the current version of Windows is Windows 10, but in this article, we will be sharing some tidbits about windows 12 release beta, windows 12 release date and much some of the features we expect from Microsoft.  

Windows 12 – Overview 

We all are highly anticipated for windows 12, for those who are wondering about the release date of Windows 12, the date has not been announced yet but it is believed that Microsoft will release Windows 12 between April and May 2021. 

Windows 12  

Users who have purchased the official version of Windows will be able to update directly from Windows update options. Those who use the cracked version of windows can install the Windows 12 latest version using the ISO file which will be available soon after the release of Windows 12. 

Moving towards the next section of the post, Windows 12 features. Yeah, I know you are excited to know what all features are going to be added in the latest version. 

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Windows 12 Features 2020

The only reason why we all are curious about the next big update of Windows is its new exciting features. There are thousands of rumors spread over the internet where the bloggers and experts are expecting lots of new changes in the user interface and the overall user experience.  

Moreover, we are expecting from the update to be more stable than Windows 10. We all are aware of the latest windows 10 bugs that broke the start menu and automatically deleted the user files. 

Well, Microsoft is all to be working on an improvised edition of Windows, which means fewer bugs, lag-free experience and modern features such as support for AR, VR and much more.  Also, check out Xbox Emulator for Windows

Well, with that being said, let’s dive into the features of Windows 12 we expect from Microsoft. 

Revamped File Explorer: We are expecting Microsoft to add support for the dark mode in File Explorer for the upcoming Windows 12 update. As of now, the Windows supports dark mode for some of its applications like the calculator, Groove music player and other apps. 

We are also looking forward to some User interface changes in File explorer which will also enhance the user experience with speed and reliability. 

Ram Consumption: As of now, a lot of background processes consume a lot of RAM that also freezes the PC most of the time. But, in the next big update, we expect Microsoft to optimize Windows 12’s RAM consumption.  

This will not only make Windows workable on low-end pc but will also enhance the overall user experience. With new RAM consumption settings, multitasking will become much easier and powerful than it is right now. 

Smartphone Notification Support: If you also fall into that category of people who stick to their PC for a long duration of time and stay away from your phone, this feature will turn out to be a lifesaver. 

You must be using various third-party apps that can send your Android notifications to your Windows 10 PC. Well, Microsoft has been working on functionality that can send your Android device’s notification to your Windows device without having to use any third-party app. 

With the new app, you will also be able to directly reply to the WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, telegram texts directly from PC. That means you won’t have to take your phone out of your pocket every 10 seconds to reply to a text.  

Screenshot and snipping tool: The next big feature will be Snip & Sketch. We all are familiar with the snipping tool that has been there in our system for years. Although the snipping tool is useful, it lacks a lot of features that are necessary after taking a screenshot. With Snip and sketch, you will be able to draw, crop adds text and does much more with the screenshot. 

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Support for HDR: The next big feature of this Windows support for HDR. This will turn out to be useful for those who want to experience better picture quality on their PC. The new update will have added support for HDR which you will be able to activate through Settings> Display> Windows HD Color. 

More secure: Well, this is something we really want Microsoft to work on, as the privacy of Windows users is always in danger. A lot of hackers get easy access to Windows PC due to some critical bugs and loose security. In Windows 12, we expect Microsoft to add tighten up the security so that the user data is protected. 

Task Manager: The all-new update will also bring in lots of changes in the task manager too. As of now, the task manager shows very fewer details related to the actual usage of the memory and CPU but with the forthcoming update, you will be able to monitor the applications that require high power and applications that require low power. 

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 release date  

As we said above, the exact date of the Windows 12 release date has not been announced yet. Microsoft has no plans to announce the Windows 12 release date a lot before the actual release. Moreover, windows experts and some other sources have said that Microsoft may release Windows between April to May 2021.  

Wrap Up 

The highly anticipated update for Windows 12 is creating hype all over the internet. We expect Microsoft to add a lot of new exciting features and security updates in the upcoming update. 

However, there is no actual source that confirms the list of features that Windows 12 will be packed with. But we can still expect it to be a blast for the avid windows lover. In this article, we share all of the tiny rumors related to the windows 12 feature, Windows 12 release date and much more.

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