According to a Wyzowl report, 63% of companies have added content marketing to their promotional campaigns until now. Over 82% of them find video marketing an essential part of their marketing strategy, and 83% of businesses include video marketing in the top 3 tools that give them a great ROI.

Videos can boost traffic and increase conversions when integrated into marketing strategies because they’re an effective way to connect with the public on all social media channels. Social Bakers state that a Facebook video can reach 135% more users than a photo.

The video will dominate the marketing world in the next few years. In 2019, 81% of all web traffic was video, and more than 80% of customers say that videos influence their buying decisions.

So, if you want to add a video to your content marketing strategy, here are some suggestions.

Take baby steps

Don’t spend money on hiring an experienced director, buying professional equipment, and renting a soundstage. Internet users prefer to connect with content that looks real, and if you deliver a raw video on how you create your products, you can engage more clients than if you delivered an edited one.

At the start, you should keep it simple, and once you gain an audience, you can start exploring new types of videos to see which one engages more viewers.

Use YouTube to engage viewers

YouTube is a great way to check how successful your videos are. You can track their engagement and see what category of videos better attracts viewers. Google owns YouTube, and this means that you have greater chances for your content to appear in searches.

Add all the videos you create for your marketing campaign to your YouTube channel, to boost the chances of your brand showing up in search.

Identify the trends

Web analytics and social media are two tools that can help you identify the types of videos people prefer. Before creating content, you need to know what your public responds to. The data helps you adjust the content accordingly and create a certain type of content.

Start a recurring series

The research will reveal the subjects your audience prefers, and you should focus on building videos on those topics. Post every week a new short video on the subjects your customers care about because it will help you reach more people. Give a name to the series, something like a 1-minute makeup tutorial, and your public will come back for more on the day you launch a new video.

Short videos are top-performing posts and usually receive numerous comments.

Use the same video for multiple purposes

Did you create a video to promote a new product? Post a snippet as an Instagram or Facebook story; it will keep people engaged with your brand. Did you attend a conference recently? Post the most important parts on LinkedIn; it will help you boost brand awareness. Ask your customers to provide video testimonials and reviews, and post them on social media.

A video can be recycled countlessly, only because you created it for a purpose; it doesn’t mean it cannot be used as part of another project.

Use videos to present your team

Every member of the team should be involved in creating video content. You should start a series that allows your employees to be brand ambassadors, and tell your clients what their role is. It helps you put your brand in the spotlight by showing that you are collaborating with experts. Setup an effective brand ambassador program and highlight their hard work and why their skills make them experts in their field.

Give your followers a peek behind the scenes and show them how your team works to deliver high-quality services. Share the videos on social media and post them on your official website for maximum reach. You can use a video maker to create the content because it’s a tool everyone with an internet connection can use.

Go live

Facebook and Instagram offer you the possibility to create live videos. If you are adding a new product to your range, then you can take your viewers behind the scenes to show them how you are creating the new product, and how you get ready for the launching event. This is an amazing opportunity to put the spotlight on the creation process. Another idea is to interview one of your experts live and to allow your followers to address questions through the comments section.

Facebook states that live videos are 3 times more successful than traditional ones.

Demo videos

These videos show your clients how your products work and convince them to try them. You can use demo videos to reveal to the public the unboxing process, how you test the products, or how you pack them for shipping.

Demo videos are great for tech companies that launch apps and software products because they prove to their users how a certain product can improve their lives.

Event videos

Do you host conferences to promote your products or to get in touch with clients? Do you hold regular round table discussions? Have you organized fundraisers lately? You should film all events, and edit them later to create video content for your website and social media pages.

Present to your public the most interesting moments from the events, and let them have a glimpse of the topics you discussed.

Animated videos

Animated products are great tools to explain hard-to-grasp concepts because they use visuals to show their features. You can use them to familiarise your clients with an abstract service or product.

Case study

Your clients want to know that your products meet their preferences, and they need someone to ensure them you are delivering something reliable. The simplest way to prove that you are a trustworthy provider is to create a case study that shows how satisfied your former clients are.

Your loyal customers are your best brand ambassadors, and you should get their testimonials on camera to describe how your business helped them.

Remember that your video has to reach your ideal customer if you want it to maximize the success of your marketing campaign. Identify the places where your clients spend most of the time and post the content there.

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