When you are a student, it seems that you are living in a cycle of books, notes, and classes and do not have enough time for rest and other activities. However, you can find great online helpers on the Internet that will improve and make your student life easier. Read our compilation of 11 best online websites for students in 2020.


Sometimes it is very difficult to bring yourself to do homework or write a 3-page essay. Especially if you use a laptop to study and constantly receive messages from friends or other notifications. Besides, when students do a difficult or uninteresting assignment, then they have a desire to open a YouTube tab or other website to watch or read something. Therefore, KeepMeOut is the best solution for students to stay focused. So you can block websites that distract you and concentrate on your assignment.


Many students seek to gain additional and in-depth knowledge of the subject that interests them. Coursera is the best choice that offers more than 3,900 courses and specializations. You can listen to a lecture from the best university any day and time. It is a flexible and free education that everyone can allow, so the main thing is your desire. You can also get a certificate or degree at a friendly price.


Studying can be very difficult and time-consuming. Some writing assignments can be a real challenge or nightmare for students, especially when they do not have an interest. If you think “I need someone to do my homework for me,” then this online service is for you. HomeworkFor.me has been providing reliable writing assistance for many years and has a high rating on the Internet and good feedback from students. Their team of experienced professionals can write any paper of high quality quickly and at an affordable price.


Proper nutrition is very beneficial for students. It helps maintain good health and memory and even affects your grades. But study takes a lot of time, so not all students have the opportunity to cook a complicated dish. StudentRecipes is a great solution to find a recipe for a delicious and simple dish. You do not need to have excellent cooking skills to make a good and proper meal. This website offers over 5,000 quick recipes for students, so you will definitely find a perfect dish.


Every person should manage and take care of their health. However, not everyone has time to visit doctors, especially if you are a student and have to write an essay. But you can find information on all types of diseases and illnesses, their symptoms, and treatments on this website. Besides, they publish interesting articles on health issues and good advice from medical experts. If you study in the UK, you can find the medical services near you on this website.

amazon, icon, app


This website has been popular for many years and remains the best online platform where people can buy anything at affordable prices without leaving their homes. Amazon is especially popular among students, as they can buy any needed book, textbook, or e-book for their study. But the most pleasant bonus is the opportunity to return it. If you read very quickly or have good programming skills, you can buy a book and then return it. But do not use it too often, or you will be blocked.


When students go to college or university and move to another city, they need to furnish their rooms or apartments. However, not everyone has the opportunity and enough savings to buy new furniture. In such situations, Freecycle will be a great helper where you can get good furniture for free. You can also publish your announcements to do the right thing and donate your furniture for free.


When you go to college or university, your adult life begins. Being a student means not only studying but also having responsibilities and taking care of your life and budget. Therefore, we want to offer you a free and popular website among adults and students to manage your finance properly and track your spending. Mint is very simple and easy to use the website. Register and spend your money wisely!


Do you want to get a good job? Then you need a job-winning resume, and Resume101 knows how to write it. It is complicated to get a job, especially if you do not have enough experience in drafting documents. This website is a top-ranked online writing service among students and adults that will help you to get the desired job. Their team of professionals writes resumes that catch the employers’ attention and can make any candidate to stand out among others. Besides, they publish articles, including analysis of the labor market, the most paid jobs, and give tips for successful interviews.


Being a student is very exhausting, so sometimes you need to relax and take your mind of textbooks and notes. A good rest will help you to feel better and get motivation for studying. Groupon offers good daily discounts on entertainment, city breaks, and restaurants. You can also pamper yourself at the end of a stressful week or exam and get discounts on spa days.


Students spend a lot of money on books and textbooks. But the project Gutenberg will help you save money on books of world literature. It is a huge online library that was founded in 1971 by Michael Hart and is very popular among students and adults to this day. It offers free online access to over 60,000 e-books. So go to the website and check a needed book before buying it.

These are the most useful and popular websites in 2020. Choose your perfect one and share other helpful websites in the comments below.

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