13 Reasons Why has been in the news from the very first season for all the right reasons. Even though it received negative comments for portraying sexual harassment and graphic suicide amongst teens it is one of the most controversial yet loved series on Netflix.  And the show is finally returning for its final season. If you have been following the series then I’m sure you would want to know more.

So keep reading to know about 13 Reasons Why Season 4 trailer, release date, cast and more.

13 Reasons Why- Is it the Final Season?

Various media outlets have confirmed the news that the fourth season is going to be the final season of the show. 13 Reasons Why made its debut in 2017, and was a smashing hit. From the first season, it earned a loyal fanbase who keep returning for the next seasons.

However it’s sad news for the fans, but if we see from the story point of view then it is right to end it.

13 Reasons Why Season 4- Release Date?

There is no official announcement made by Netflix about the last chapter. But since 2017 every year, a new season has been released and so we can expect the new episodes in 2020. The first season came in March, followed by the second season in May, and the third season slightly later in August. And so if we follow the pattern, a fall release date is most probable.


Still, we cannot give a precise date until Netflix confirms it. And if we talk about the episodes, then we can expect a total of 13 episodes in this last season of this streaming giant… for obvious reasons right.

Is the Trailer for Season 4 Out? Where Can We Watch It?

The trailer for the final season of 13 Reasons Why is not yet out. The trailer of any series or movie is released a month before the release of the entire episodes are released.

But in case of this show, 13 Reasons Why holds back the footage till one or two weeks before the release. So till the premiere date of the fourth season is not announced, we cannot guess when the teaser or trailer will be out.

But you can definitely expect it drop midway of 2020. Watch the trailer for Season 3 here.


The Cast of 13 Reasons Why- Who Will Return for Season 4?

Katherine Langford and Justin Prentice won’t be making a comeback as such. As their characters passed away in previous seasons, the two will only be seen either in flashbacks or if some other character is imagining them.

Dylan Minnette as Clay, Brandon Flynn as Justin, Christian Navarro as Tony, Miles Heizer as Alex, Devin Druid as Tyler, Ross Butler as Zach, and Alisha Boe as Jessica will be returning.

Also, Deaken Bluman will be returning as Winston. The character which was introduced in the third season plays an important part in the story and his role isn’t over yet.

13 Reasons Why Season 4- What to Expect?

The final season will witness the unraveling of lies told by Ani.

First, it was revealed that Alex murdered Bryce, however, later Monty was blamed. And the gang chose to support the lie to clear Clay’s name from the murder. But after Monty’s death, the threat is not over. His friend Winston knows that Monty was with him at the time of Bryce’s murder. And he is determined to clear his friend’s name. Will he be able to find out the real murderer? And what will happen when the real murderer, Alex is revealed.

The clubhouse is the place that leads to all the atrocities. The School’s athletes used the clubhouse to have sex with girls, and for sexually assaulting them. The polaroids were great evidence against the culprit, however, one of the victims Nina steals it and destroys them.

Now as Bryce is not there, the other culprits need to be taken down. The plotlines of Clubhouse were skipped in the third season, but as it is going to be the final chapter one cannot just forget about it.

Wrapping Up

All of us are waiting for the final season of the show as a lot is yet to be revealed. Let us know how much you are excited for Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why in the comment section.

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