After a lot of plot got burned in the first few episodes, it seemed that The Outsider would have lost its momentum. But in the coming episodes not only the story and mystery deepened, but the characters too got their space, establishing a compelling tone, keeping the track interesting. However in the previous episode titled “Tear Drinker” was a little drag to sit through, but it still had a compelling and haunting atmosphere.  

So here is the written update of episode 5, and spoilers for Episode 6 titled “The One About the Yiddish Vampire.”

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 5 Written Update

In Dayton, Holly starts her investigation to know more about the creature who feeds on the grief of the people. And as she visits the grave of Heath and his alleged victims, she finds some dilapidated buildings. According to the theory, she clicks some pictures believing that the creature would have lived in those buildings.

Later she also gets in contact with a man who knew Heath, who had the same sores on his neck like the other victims. And so she suggests Ralph visit Terry’s grave and take some photographs. While doing so Yun Ralph’s partner notices that the cemetery is close to the barn where they had found the clothes. Holly drives to Cherokee city to talk to Ralph, Alec, and Howie. The next morning, as she moves out of Dayton, her car breaks down.

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 5 “Tear Drinker” Recap

Back in the Cherokee City, Jeannie Ralph’s wife also observes the hooded figure, passing on the warning through her to Ralph that if he continues to investigate the case both of them will be killed. Ralph at first brushes it off thinking it is just his wife’s nightmare but when she draws the man he feels a bit unsettled. The drawing of the man strongly resembles the man who was seen with the van.

Constantly terrorized by the invisible individual, Jack offers to help.

The Outsider Season 1 Episode 6 Spoilers

As the new episodes of the Outsider are airing, Holly is getting more involved with different cases. Holly will be in Cherokee, and now apart from the Maitland and the Anderson case, Gibney will be taking up another challenge. And this time Jack will be lending his hand to help, but either to kill or frame someone. 

In the previous episode, Jack tried to enter the investigation, by helping Ralph. But what makes him do it. Is the Outsider asking him to do it? Is he trying to get the information from Holly Gibney and Ralph?

The Outsider Miniseries Episode 6 “The One About the Yiddish Vampire.”

Another detail that one cannot skip is Andy trying to connect the three cases and complete the puzzle. He is also digging up the cases to get information, but will he be able to survive the cruel plans of the Outsider? Will the Outsider kill him to see Gibney suffer?

On the other hand, Jeannie is the next visualizing the hooded individual the Outsider. And it seems that she will associate with Holly’s theory. And for convincing Ralph, a drastic discovery or incident is required and only that can make him accept the supernatural connection to this case.

Wrapping Up

The next episode of The Outsider Miniseries will air on HBO, February 9 at 9 PM ET. Until then we just hope that no other child is killed by the devil.


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