Online gambling is not without controversy – and it is not for everyone. Real-money stakes certainly add a twist to the entertainment value the games at online casinos offer. But the fact that there’s real money involved doesn’t mean it’s not fun to play them. On the contrary: the vast majority of Lucky Creek players are not in it for the money but for the fun of it. The eventual wins are just the icing on the cake.

Not all casino games are created equal, though. Some of them are dull, repetitive, and – horribile dictu! – even boring. There are, in turn, more than enough of them that will keep you glued to the screen.

Casino poker

Poker is a fascinating game, filled with strategy and skill, and just a tiny bit of luck. The International Federation of Match Poker has spent the last decade tirelessly working on eliminating as much of the luck from the game as possible in order to get it recognized as a bona fide sport.

On the other hand, casinos have done their best to eliminate the skill-based part. The result: a game that’s fast-paced, a bit unpredictable, but has the familiar look and feel of poker. There are several versions based on popular poker variants, covering draw, stud, and hold ’em.

For those looking for a quick hand but not some long and tedious betting rounds, casino poker is the best game to play.


Blackjack is a very popular game both in real-life casinos and their online counterparts, even played professionally – for profit – by some avid gamblers. It is also one of the casino games with unbroken popularity across social gaming outlets because it’s not just potentially profitable but also entertaining to play.

In blackjack, you don’t just rely on luck to win a hand – you need to outwit the house, deducting their hand based on the card they show. It is one of the few casino games where skill and strategy play an important role. Defeating the house at its own game is the most entertaining part of the game – and the winnings only add to the satisfaction.

“Cluster” slots

Finally, let us mention “cluster” slot machines, the online casinos’ version of the popular “match-3” casual game genre – quite literally, because the format is almost entirely borrowed from these games. As opposed to traditional slot machines that rely on (simulated) reels and win lines, cluster slots form winning combinations based on groups, clusters of matching symbols anywhere in the play area. And, just like they would in Candy Crush, the tiles disappear, allowing others to fall into their place, eventually triggering cascades of wins. It’s like Candy Crush “playing by itself”.

Cluster slots are fun to play – they are, basically, a “match-3” game without the matching part that’s done by the game itself.

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