At a fair or event, you want to present your organization in a distinctive way. One of the means you can use for this is a presentation wall. There are many different types of presentation walls to choose from. All presentation walls can be printed with your own design. Here you create a piece of brand experience and brand awareness so that the customer recognizes your brand next time.

Which type of display wall suits you best, you will discover in this article!

#1. Zippered exhibition wall

A zippered exhibition wall (translation: beurswand met rits), also known as a zip wall, consists of a frame and a zippered fabric. The fabric can be easily pulled over the frame and closed with the zipper. The frame consists of tubes with a numbered click system and can also be set up in a few minutes. The zipper of the fabric ensures that the fabric is stretched taut around the frame.

#2. Pop-up wall

A pop-up wall is a sleek presentation wall that is available in two models (curved and straight). The ease of use and sturdiness of a pop-up wall is unparalleled, making them very easy to reuse for various trade fairs or events.

The purpose of a pop-up display is to make sure you grab the attention of potential customers walking by. With a pop-up display, passers-by can see at a glance who your company is and what your company does. A pop-up display can be used in several ways. You often come across a pop-up display at trade fairs and in shops. With a pop-up display, you can easily attract the attention of passers-by. A pop-up display makes it easier for you to talk to potential customers and the barrier is less high for people to approach you.

This is a slightly curved presentation wall consisting of a frame and magnetic plates. You pull out the frame like a harmonica. Then you can press the plates with magnets against it. This wall, like the other systems, can be set up in no time.

#3. Fold-out presentation wall

The presentation wall contains a straight frame and a cloth that you can stretch across it. The canvas is then secured with Velcro. The frame you pull out like a harmonica, just like the pop-up wall. If desired, you can also add lighting to the frame, so you stand out more.

Ordering separate prints

For all the above frames, you can also order separate prints. This saves a lot of money if you already own a frame. In addition, it is a lot more durable and you can often change the advertisement. Think of various campaigns, but also changing prints during a new season. All frames are available in various sizes and are printed in full color with your own design.

Printed matter in the same corporate style

To create unity you can also have your other printed matter printed in the same style as the presentation wall. For example, print a brochure (translation: brochure drukken) that visitors can take home with them. By giving something away you ensure that customers will think of you again at home and perhaps decide to buy something.

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