The average user of social networks spends about 83 minutes daily on their use, involuntarily being in the zone of information influence. A brand’s presence on social media has become necessary. However, not all companies get the desired effect from this since even the highest quality content needs additional promotion. Fortunately, there are enough companies in the market, such as, which offer promotional assistance. Today, we invite you to focus on the possibilities of Facebook advertising.

Business promotion on Facebook

The tasks of collecting data about your target audience and reaching only interested buyers are greatly facilitated if you use advertising on Facebook because the users themselves have provided you with their data by filling in profiles. Marital status, place of residence, interests, and religion are all already listed on their pages, and you can use that information to get the most out of your targeting.

The trick is that a targeted ad is initially aimed at an audience formed according to the parameters you predefined, which means that your ad will be seen by people who are most likely interested in your product. Obviously, to increase the chance of conversion action, a woman should see your ad for luxury cosmetics:

  • Choose the sex;
  • Set the age range from 16 years old;
  • Add users to your settings whose female friends will soon be celebrating their birthday.

Everything is very clear and obvious, isn’t it? The importance of well-targeted advertising is undeniable, but what can make it less effective? How to prevent a failed advertising campaign on a social network? Let’s determine how to use your resources as efficiently as possible.

Targeting tools on Facebook

You can start creating your ad simply by clicking on the link on your Facebook page. When deciding to create an ad, you must clearly understand what purpose you are pursuing. Moreover, you must set it before creating your ad. Based on this, you choose the format of your ad. The formats that Facebook offers are original and suitable for advertising different products:


This is a simple and effective format that allows you to grab the attention of a potential client with high-quality images and texts. This type of advertising is recommended for use if it is necessary to increase the awareness of the products.

When running an advertising campaign with a product photo, it is not recommended to publish long text that can distract attention from the image itself and even reduce the conversion. You should adhere to the following rules for creating and preparing images for advertising on Facebook:

  • file type: JPG or PNG;
  • sides ratio: from 1.91:1 to 5;
  • the text should not occupy more than 20% of the image area;
  • the text should not exceed 125 characters.


Video ads can be created for any company with any budget, adhering to absolutely any goals. The created video can be posted on any of the following sites inside Facebook: In-Stream, Feed, Stories. There are several ways to create and publish video ads on Facebook:

  • Slide show — a series of images along with text in a simple and short video;
  • Stories — short videos that open in a special full-screen mode. Designed and optimized specifically for mobile devices. Stories with a swipe-up offer to instantly go to the advertiser’s website after a short and engaging video;
  • Circular gallery — advertising with multiple videos or photos. It is possible to display up to 10 images or videos and optimize the order so that the most memorable images and videos appear in the first positions in the gallery;
  • Selection of goods — such videos allow users to explore the store in a simple, creative and immersive way. The advertising offer will be placed in the “Chats” tab with a call-to-action button and additional information about the product in a separate window;
  • Messenger — you can use video ads with a link to Messenger, in which you can communicate with customers in individual chats. One of the most effective ad formats with a large reach;
  • Instant Experience — instantly downloadable full-screen video for mobile devices.

Interactive advertising

This is usually a mini-game that can effectively and creatively attract a potential customer to a product. It consists of three elements:

  • an introductory video (an instruction),
  • a demo version of the game (the user himself can perform 1 or 2 actions),
  • and a call to action (go to the App Store or Google Play).

Premium video

A special format of 15-second videos with automatic playback while watching the news feed. Premium videos are configured in such a way that until the user clicks on the ad, the video is shown in silent mode. However, if a reader clicks on the ad, the ad will be shown in a full-screen mode with sound.

Facebook targeting

To get the most out of your social media advertising, it is recommended to use targeted promotion, which allows you to show offers only to those users who make up your target audience.

When starting your work, you need to create a new audience in the tool for creating ad groups in the “Audience” section. Facebook has the following types of targeting:

  • Location. Allows you to show an ad to users in a specific location (for example, a country, city, or a specific area);
  • Age. You must select an age gap or a specific age of the user;
  • Sex. It reaches people of any gender, depending on the product and the goals of the advertising campaign;
  • Language. You must select the language the user speaks;
  • Connections. This type of targeting allows you to show ads to those users who are associated with your page, application, or generated events.
  • Detailed targeting. Allows you to include in a new audience with the necessary interests of the company, higher education, place of residence, etc.

It was a list of general recommendations that is suitable for Facebook. However, you should set your campaign based on the specifics of the product. If you have any questions left — feel free to leave them in the comments.

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