Instagram is a part of the life of a modern person. Every day we spend time and scroll through the IG feed for about a few hours. We watch attractive photos and videos, make purchases, read interesting blogs, promote our business, and earn money.

In addition, Instagram is an excellent platform for developing your lifestyle blog or promoting your brand because the social network’s primary audience is people from 18 to 40 years old.

However, you can become successful on Instagram only when you work on account promotion. Posting ordinary photos with famous quotes or filling your feed with products from your online store is not enough.

For successful Instagram promotion, you need not only creativity and efficiency but also Inflact tools for Instagram, which help simplify maintaining an IG page.

Top 6 Inflact tools for Instagram

#1 Hashtag generator

Hashtags are the crucial promotional element on Instagram. Therefore, it is obligatory to use hashtags under the post to boost traffic to the account.

One post can include a maximum of 20 hashtags. It is recommended to place 7-10 medium, 3-4 hard, and 5-6 easy tags under the post. Thus, you can simplify the process of searching the relevant hashtags and use the Instagram hashtags generator. Such a tool can make everything for you.

All you need is to combine the topic of your post into a few words, and the generator will determine more than 100 working hashtags to place. In addition, the generator can select hashtags for a specific photo or an existing post. Then, the selected tags only need to be copied and added to the publication.

Note: Don’t forget to work on creating your own branded hashtags.

#2 Analyzing competitors tool

There is a lot of competition on Instagram, so you need to always stay at the top and trend. It is best to observe and analyze the successes and defeats of your competitors. This helps to create unique content a little better and avoid the mistakes of competitors.

To do this, you need to use the Instagram user search tool for analyzing your Instagram profile. You can use it to analyze not only someone else’s profile but also your own.

It is crucial to correlate both qualitative and quantitative indicators of account success.

  • followers number;
  • content success and its regularity;
  • likes and comments number;
  • engagement level.

A full-fledged Instagram analysis will allow you to audit your content and surpass competitors’ performance several times. All obtained results can help to create something new and special for your audience.

#3 Instagram stories viewer

The stories function is live video broadcasts, photos, and 10-second videos with an overlay of text, emojis, captions, geotags, time, active links, which are located in a separate upper block and are always visible.

Such publications are also called “disappearing” since they disappear after 24 hours, which means that they do not clog the feed and allow easy communication with the audience throughout the day. However, most marketers agree that this format is the future because its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

This format is ideal for announcing events, promotions, introducing game elements, demonstrating “behind the scenes”, what is happening in your office or at work. Also, for promoting a personal brand, so with its help, you can always be “in touch” with your followers and not let them forget about you.

However, the user can see a list of those who have viewed his story. And if you watch the stories of your competitors, it can cost you your reputation. But if you watch them anonymously, save and create unique stories based on them and errors, it will be much better for promoting your profile.

#4 Fonts generator

It’s not so easy to make the audience fall in love with you on Instagram. It would help if you always came up with something special, stand out with features and be one step ahead.

And if everything is more or less clear with content and visual design — you need to be creative, then it is a little more difficult to create this content. But thanks to the unique font generator, you can design Instagram bio, posts, titles, and unusually leave comments.

Of course, you don’t need to write all the posts in unusual fonts that are impossible to read. Instead, we should rather use them to attract attention. Therefore, the generator will help you create a unique font that is specifically suitable for your Instagram profile.

#5 Scheduled posting tool

The posting time on Instagram affects the overall engagement of the audience and the number of likes that the publication can collect. After all, it has already been proven that there is a certain time when your publications collect more views, likes and comments.

But let’s agree that it is not very convenient to constantly wait for a certain time to prepare and publish a post. It is better to spend time creating content than posting it.

To facilitate the posting, you can use the Inflact scheduled posting function. That is, you open a service where you upload a post, edit it, and add hashtags, location, etc. Then you should fix a certain time at which the service will publish your post automatically.

#6 Direct messenger

A tool that no business account can do without — direct messenger. But on Instagram, direct is intended more for friendly communication. So its functions for business are limited. In a series of messages, you can get lost and forget to respond to the buyer.

Stop spoiling your reputation! Let’s facilitate communication with the audience and use an online service to chat with the Instagram audience. It works in cloud mode and looks the same as the original Instagram direct.

However, unlike Instagram direct, a third-party messenger allows you to keep in touch with the audience around the clock, sort messages by tags and labels, create filtered mass messaging, auto-replies, and much more.


Instagram promotion is not about posting ordinary photos from life. This is systematic work to promote your profile, popularize the brand, and increase sales. It includes the selection of the right hashtags, the analysis of competitors, posting at the right time, communicating with customers, and the visual component of the profile design.

Don’t waste a lot of time and effort! Use special tools that will help you quickly achieve your goals for Instagram promotion.

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