When it comes to improving your call center efficiency, you start looking for new technologies and methods to boost your productivity and performance. An automated calling solution is one such technology. But why is automated calling essential, and what can it offer you? Let’s deal with it.

What is automated calling software?

Automated calling software is a tool that automates the dialing process during outbound calling campaigns and saves your time, effort, and money. It also performs much better than manual dialing, but if you want precise digits, we will provide them later.

Additionally, automated calling software also means a software tool that sends pre-recorded messages as automated calls via the IVR system’s interface to send customers reminders, feedback collection polls, offers, and so on. So, in general, automated calling software is a group of tools that automate the calling process.

What are the types of automated calling software?

As you could guess, there is no single universal tool for automated calling, and as outbound calling is a process that can have different purposes and nuances, developers have done their best to create different algorithms that will cover all your needs.

Let’s state that there are a few purposes to starting an outbound calling campaign – for sales, for follow-ups, for feedback collection, for “warming” a base, or just for lead generation. As it follows from what is said, the success and purpose of the outbound calling campaign strongly depend on the type of contact list (the same thing as a lead base) you use. Cold leads won’t be as responsive as warm leads, so it is vital to reach as many prospects as you can during a cold calling campaign, while when you are processing a warm base you don’t need such a speed – you need to avoid losing any customer from the base, as each of them is your almost convinced customer.

Thus, it was crucial to take into account that a few different automated calling systems are needed to cover the requirements of the business. And fortunately, developers have completed the task perfectly.

Predictive Dialer

The Predictive Dialer is the most famous and popular type of automated calling software, as it is designed to deal with huge cold contact lists. As you could guess, this auto dialer is the fastest in its dialing speed and is also the most advanced compared to other auto dialers. Why?

First of all, the Predictive Dialer has the most intelligent algorithm ever – it can dial a few phone numbers at the same time, and it can start dialing new leads even while the agents are still handling the previous ones – that’s why it is called “predictive.” The automated calling software measures the average call duration and average time before connecting a lead to link new calls at the same second when previous ones are done.

Predictive Dialer can perform over one hundred dials per hour, while in manual mode, you will never reach over thirty-five! The success rate of Predictive Dialer is also outstanding – it has over 75% of success rate.

The Predictive Dialer is perfect for cold contact lists, outbound telemarketing, lead generation, processing outdated lead bases, and other purposes regarding cold leads.

Power Dialer

Power Dialer is more conservative than Predictive Dialer, but it has its own advantages over its competitor. First of all, the dialing speed of the Power Dialer is a bit lower than the dialing speed of the Predictive Dialer – it performs around seventy-five dials per hour with at least a 50% of success rate – but it can be boosted up to 80% if you use a great-quality lead base. It doesn’t predict average call duration or other metrics, it just starts dialing only when the agent is free, and his previous call is over.

But what are the advantages of the Power Dialer over the Predictive Dialer if it is slower? First of all, the Power dialer needs only one agent online to run outbound calling campaigns, while the Predictive dialer needs at least five agents to do it. Secondly, the Power dialer can cause no dropped calls (when a customer takes up the phone, but the agent isn’t linked because of a delay) – while the Predictive dialer can cause them because of invalid settings or a lack of agents. Finally, Power Dialer has a great feature – voicemail drop, which means that you can leave cold voicemails during outbound calls.

Power Dialer is ideal for processing warm bases and lists of current customers and as an up-sales or cross-sales tool.

Preview Dialer

This type of automated calling software works almost the same way as the Power Dialer does: it starts dialing only when the agent is free. It also allows the agent to decide whether to call the next lead or move to another one. Anyhow, that’s not the main feature of the Preview Dialer –  its main feature is that it shows the customer data imported from the CRM software before each dialing attempt.

As you can see, the Preview dialer is perfect if you need to process VIP clients or a lead base that requires a personalized approach. As personalization can’t stand any hurry, the dialing speed of the Preview Dialer is over fifty dialing attempts per hour with a 50%+ success rate.

Preview Dialer is irreplaceable for such purposes as processing VIP and high-net-worth leads and if you need to personalize your customer service, especially if we talk about such industries as finances, healthcare, or real estate.


As you can see, automated calling software leaves no chance for manual dialing or other outbound telemarketing methods. Unbelievable efficiency in pair with affordable price – that’s what your business needs. And guess who can provide you with advanced automated calling software? Check Voiptime Cloud automated calling software solution features and advantages via this link!

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