Eating right, exercising regularly, and getting good sleep seem like they should be all it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle, right? It’s surprising, but sometimes it’s not that simple. Unfortunately, the decisions we make in the short term to improve our health are not always the ones that end up being the best for us.

Like if you are investing in quality daily vitamins, minerals, Truebasics multivit for men, or other dietary supplements, trying to stay healthy in the long run, it will help you for sure but there are certain other things that require your attention too.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the most common household items and things that you use daily that are posing more threat to your health.

Applying Perfume 

Before leaving the house, we all have a habit of spritzing perfume. It has become one of the essentials. We don’t realize that we’re spraying pleasant-smelling chemicals—some from petroleum—onto our skin. Exposure to these fragrances can cause infertility and migraines. They also act as pollutants. Stop using them and help the environment! As an alternative, you can use natural oil-scented products or try toxin-free perfumes.

Using Nonstick Pans For Cooking 

To save time and effort when cooking and cleaning, we’ve invested in the highly sought-after non-stick pan. We believe we have found the answer to all of our problems, but in reality, we have just created one more. Coatings of polytetrafluoroethylene are used in the nonstick items. Toxic gases, some of which are known to cause cancer, are produced when these pans are heated to high temperatures. Instead, it is healthy to cook in cast iron or stainless steel.

Antibacterial Handwash 

We’ve been taught since childhood to wash our hands frequently, during pandemic we all used it alot. We won’t deny its importance but using too much of antibacterial soaps can be “unhealthy.” Experts believe that some of the ingredients in these soaps, such as triclosan, may cause antibacterial resistance. Instead of this, you should try simple water, mild soap to keep your hands clean.

Gulping Multivitamins 

According to research not everyone needs multivitamins unless there are some exceptions like restrictive diets, gastrointestinal conditions, vitamin deficiencies, or certain weight-loss surgeries. So, before you invest in quality multivitamins like Truebasics Multivitamins tablets, Garden Of Life, Himalayan Organics etc, make sure you get yourself tested first to know whether your body needs them or not.

Whitening Toothpastes

Teeth stains, especially those from beverages like coffee and tea, can be easily removed with whitening toothpaste. You use this personal hygiene product too often, and that’s the issue. Eventually, they may prove too abrasive, leading to enamel erosion and heightened sensitivity in your teeth. So, make sure the one you’re using has been approved by a reputable dental organization.

Aluminium Foil 

Aluminum-wrapped leftovers are a ticking time bomb. Bacteria cause foodborne illness. Air helps bacteria grow faster. Aluminum foil doesn’t seal food off from air. Use airtight containers. Do not leave food out too long. After it cools, refrigerate it.


Are there any other kinds of things that you can think of that might be bad for your health? Let us know in the comment section, so that we can all take better care of ourselves.

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