As we slowly but surely return to what resembles normal lives, going back to stores to buy and shop for things regardless if it’s just food and groceries or even a few expensive items, being able to shop for real is somewhat exciting

However, something that might have not changed for the past year and a half is that feeling of coming into a luxury store, wanting to buy something but not knowing what, becoming intimidated by the prices and the variations of products and subsequently feeling the shame of having to come out of that store empty-handed.

Well, today we will discuss the most important and best shopping tips when it comes to first-time luxury store shoppers. And if you’ve been stuck at home for a while, this list is also made for you.

1. First of all, do your research.

Before we even consider walking out the door and traveling to the store, there is a very important thing to consider first. And that is to research what you would want to buy. If, for example, you feel like getting a quality timepiece, something that will be worth the money. You then have to consider avoiding watch brands that are unknown and not at all in the vein of heavy-hitting brands like Bulova for example.

You can choose to save images and screenshots on your phone. This way you can look back at this information when you then come into the stores you will be visiting. Being able to remember these things will help you communicate better with salespeople and would reduce the risk of having the wrong item brought to you. Let’s just hope these things are in stock.

2. You can consider scheduling an appointment.

Although not necessary, scheduling an appointment to the store itself still has its own merits. At this point, you already know what you want to purchase. You’ve done your research well and hard. If you have scheduled yourself for an appointment, this will then help you to be prioritized by the salespeople there in the store. This helps eliminate the need to compete against other customers at the moment.

Doing this will help you get more personalized service from the crew or sales team, and hence, helping you find the product you’ve been searching for.

3. Get dressed and go to the store!

We’re not talking about what you should wear or not wear here, we’re talking about the right set of clothes you would want to wear to try out the things you would want to buy. (Which we will be discussing in the next few items below.)

If you’re planning to buy some shoes, for example, you can wear some of your favorite dresses, skirts or pants that could go well with these shoes. If you’re about to buy some classy winter shoulder bag, you can try and wear some low-key winter clothes like a coat and see if the strap holds up fine to the coat.

4. Not finding what you’re looking for? Try asking what’s stored at the back.

A store will always have a stock full of extra products for you to check out. This means that there will always be chances of you finding what you want to buy. Just approach a salesperson and ask if you didn’t find the product you were initially looking for.

One important thing to point out is the fact that luxury stores will tend to display very few items at the front. That’s normal. So if you ever get stuck when you come in and do not find what you were looking for, there’s always plan B which is to ask the salespeople to check for that particular product in their stock at the back of the store.

5. Now that you have it in your hands, try it on.

Like what was mentioned in one of the items above, since you’ve picked a set of clothes that might go great with the watch or bag or pair of luxury shoes you’re buying, you can try them on right there at the store.

Take pictures in the mirror, look at it from every angle and see if this is something you really would want to purchase. Remember, you are there to invest in one of their products. They would want you to try it on. Trying on the fit would also help in making sure that the products you will be buying will fit you. If they don’t fit, the store itself can help you find ones that do.

Ask questions if needed!

While you’re there, you must get to ask all the questions you need to ask. You are the customer and you would want to invest in something that can last long, something that is sturdy, something that will be up to your standards.

Once you get all of these variables factored in, it will all come down to you if you choose to buy or not.

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