Gift-giving during times that aren’t Christmas is always a bit more memorable. Doing this gives a little more impact when given on someone’s birthday or some sort of coming-of-age life event.

One of the best kinds of gifts to give on these types of occasions is watches. Now, this isn’t only reserved for people you would want to buy gifts for, this is also for you and your special moments in life. You can enjoy the freedom of getting new watches added to your collection. So if you plan to give gifts to others, or if you just want to go out and treat yourself, here are the best and top occasions for you to buy a cool watch.

1. Birthdays

Like what was mentioned in the introduction, no other special occasion is better than one’s birthday. Luxury watches given at this time, women’s diamond watches, or whichever kind and brand it may be is an absolute win. But alas, it shouldn’t just end there. The level of excitement and joy in doing this would be more palpable if you happen to give a nice luxury watch on some sort of milestone birthday.

Like an 18th birthday, a 50th, and so on. That watch will then become a very beautiful reminder of that specific birthday for years and years to come.

2. Graduation Day

If you happen to have someone you know that will be graduating very soon, know that this event is also a good occasion for you to purchase a good old luxury watch.

Graduating entails a lot of things. The end of something and the start of the rest of a person’s life. Students have spent most of their formative years in school. And now, the time has come to face the world and apply everything they have learned in life. A gift that can commemorate that moment in one’s life is a good timepiece.

On the other hand, this can also be a good source of encouragement both for those that are just about to graduate, and for those that require a bit more boost to shake out the anxieties of finally facing the adult world. Either way, a nice watch can do the trick.

3. A Promotion

Getting that well-deserved raise and promotion is what we all strive for. Most times we don’t get to think about it too much. But when it comes, and it happens to us, it’s a very delightful and a very welcome surprise.

This then is essentially another great occasion where you can purchase a well-deserved gift. That of a good old-fashioned timepiece. A new timepiece will go well with your new set of roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

Sometimes getting the job itself requires you to have not just a celebratory watch, but a watch that you need for work. Like, for example, mechanical diving watches for those that get to land a job as commercial divers. Watches that don’t come with leather straps will go great for new doctors as bacteria tends to stick on leather. Either way, you’ve earned it, so go treat yourself!

4. Anniversaries

One of the things you should do with love is to celebrate it. And celebrate it every year. Giving gifts on this very special occasion helps nail it down and make it more memorable.

Essentially, watches are symbolic. They are artifacts of time itself. They quite are delicate and must be cared for and cherished, just like the relationship you’re celebrating together.

That being said, giving watches during these occasions means that you get to have engraved dates and names behind the watch to add a personal touch to your anniversary gift.

5. Weddings

There’s a saying out there that is a strip of the truth. There is such a thing as an engagement ring for men. And it’s a watch. Watches are a very popular gift for grooms. This is mostly because it sort of gives them an eye-catching piece of jewelry of their own when they walk down the aisle.

But it doesn’t always have to be just for the groom. There are always instances where you can give a pair of watches not just for the groom but also one for the bride as well. Wedding watches are perfect kinds of gifts. These can be custom-made and have meaningful engravings at the back as well.

In The End, Timing Is Everything

There you have it. These are just a few of the best occasions where you could get a new watch. Luxury or just plain, it all depends on you. What you need to keep in mind is to make sure that the timing is right. If it’s just a little bit off, giving something like these watches might not make that much sense. Next to that is to be knowledgeable enough about watches. That way you can pick the right one out according to the occasion you’ll be using to buy it.

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