Having a sustainable home is not a one-step action. It requires that you do several things during construction and right when you are living in the house.

However, the process starts from the blueprint that guides the construction of the house. This is why people interested in building a sustainable home need the right architects to facilitate the process. This is why modern home listing by Modlust are highly sought after.

Also, people that make use of stock or custom design plans online need to understand this. The plan must make having a sustainable building a reality. In this article, we will share 5 ideas that will help you achieve your dream of living in a sustainable home.

Some Ideas for a Sustainable Home

Below are some practical ideas that can help prospective homeowners have a sustainable home:

The Use of Recycled Material

You stand to gain a lot by using recycled materials at various stages of construction and as items used in the house. For starters, this option ensures that you save cost as wastage is not a concern.

Secondly, you will have little or no problem with the emission of CO2 with recycled materials. As a result, the impact on the environment will be positive.

Last but not the least, the use of recycled materials allows you to meet various requirements in the home. So, you should try as much as possible to make use of this option.

Low VOC Materials

Building houses that are sustainable also means that you do not put your health on the line. You need to stay away from high VOC materials to make this happen. This is because materials that have high volatile compounds contain toxins that affect the interior air quality in the building.

Some of the health complications that can arise when materials with high volatile compounds are used include throat and nose discomfort, conjunctiva irritation, adverse skin reaction, nausea, headache, emesis, and dyspnea.

This is why you should avoid materials that contain a high level of VOC. So, you should make sure your paints, glues, and other materials do not contain too much VOC.

Effective Air-Sealing

The design and construction of the house should make sure air-sealing is a priority. This is to ensure that there is the needed amount of insulation in the building. As a result, the amount spent on heating or cooling the interior areas will be reduced.

To do this, the materials used should be able to trap heat rather than allow it escape through the walls and porous parts. This is an energy-saving measure that you should employ. You might even need a blower test conducted to make sure your home is air-tight enough.

Make Use of ERV

Many modern homes are air-tight. This is because architects and construction experts understand the need to make the interiors as insulated as possible. However, there is a problem with air-tight homes.

This is the fact that heat is trapped in and fresh air is unable to get in. You should use a well-installed ERV system to deal with this problem. ERV stands for Energy Recovery Ventilation and it is the means by which the trapped air can get out while fresh air gets in.

It is important in making sure the air quality in the house is what it should be. As a result, you should invest in using the right kind of ERV. This is also because it is an energy-efficient option instead of solely relying on HVAC systems.

Water Conservation

The need to conserve water depends especially on your location. This is because some places have less rain and access to water supply. For such, you need to conserve water.

One of the ways to go about this is by investing in things that consume less water. For instance, you should use toilets and water fixtures that engage low flow and minimal water. You might also need to invest in setups that help collect rainwater.

Still on the subject of conserving water, we advise that you stay away from plants that are not native species. This is because you will need to use more water and spend more time attending to such plants. Plant a native species (if you must plant something).

On a Final Note

You can do a lot to make your space sustainable by implementing the information shared in this article. This will be a great thing to do considering the low-cost and positive impact on the environment.

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