Over the past few years, online gambling has become a popular pastime activity around the world. It might not come as a surprise that the popularity raised significantly in the pandemic. The research shows that the number of online gamblers increased up to six times during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Gambling is still on the rise, and new people join it every other day. The games popular among beginners include poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, baccarat, keno, casino war, etc.

Slots are considered the easiest games among the new players. The gameplay is accessible just as pressing ‘spin’ and then waiting to watch the reels turn. When symbols line up on the pay line, you are declared a winner.

Fortunately, hundreds of slot games are available. However, the most challenging part is recognizing the ones that are easy to play.

The blog list down five slot games that feature easy gameplay and are best recommended for amateurs.


Starburst is an ultimate favorite slot game among both beginners and experts. Thanks to its simple design and exclusive awards. The game obtains a low unpredictability rating. This means players are more likely to witness winnings, similar to a present that keeps on giving.

Nevertheless, players obtain a chance to win up to $50,000 more than a wager. Moreover, the popular slot gaming includes both the Both Ways feature and Starburst Wild Symbol.

Shogun of Time

The game features four reels and an 81 pay line slot along a female warrior named, Samurai. The female warrior, the Samurai, is loved for her alter ego, known as the cybergirl, in a cyberpunk atmosphere. The game is set up in a revolutionary Tokyo.

Shogun of time grows up to five reels and awards players 243 chances to win big in the game. However, the game offers the lowest payout. Yet, it is fun and exciting to play. For this reason, it is an ideal slot game for new players.

One of the popular gaming features of Shogun of Time is its free spins. The free spins offer new players to learn certain tricks of the game. You can activate the free spin feature and avail the award of eight or sixteen free spins. During the activation of this feature, the game reel will be stacked.

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Triple Tigers

The game features a luxurious and tiny treasure Oriental motif. This includes an exclusive gold and crimson color that transport you to the Far East. The game is still better along with one pay line, and deciding on a wager is quite simple.

The paytable is displayed on your immediate left side of the reels. This makes it easy for you to calculate how much you can win. The game requires players to get three green tigers that payouts 200 times your stake. Further, three purple tigers payout 300 times your stake. Next, three golden tigers payout 500 times your stake. The game is this easy.

Star Joker

Star Joker is a fruit theme-based slot game. The gameplay involves easy game mechanics and the five-reel, ten-pay line slot, ideal for beginners. Another reason that makes it perfect for new players is that it comes with a tutorial, which helps players walk through the game.

The tutorial explains how the pay line works, what a win looks like, and how the various wild symbols are operated in a brief description. The game includes a groovy soundtrack, similar to a disco. All in all, this makes it an attractive slot game for every new player. The free, wild scattered spins help you improve your chance at winning at star joker too!

Banana Odyssey

Unarguably, the game banana odyssey is an excellent game pick for an amateur. The game is perfectly designed to entertain excited gambler-novice or seasoned players along its basic five-reel or ten pay line reel out. The game includes stunning and attractive game visuals alongside lovely music.

Banana odyssey features monkeys in and as astronauts. Therefore, the game is based on space theme visuals. While you play this game, you are more likely to benefit from a decent RTP of up to 95 percent alongside free spins, expanding wilds, and a chance to re-spin.

We all are aware of the thrill that comes with online gambling. The massive variety of slot gaming alongside bonuses like Betsofa casino no deposit bonus, promotions, pay lines, and themes make it difficult to pick one. However, the game you opt for will undoubtedly be your choice.

The games are the ultimate choice of preference. However, we have made this easier for you and picked out the most uncomplicated games that you can start with. The slot mentioned above machine games is listed with a brief description, which helps you begin with.

Also, before you begin to play, make sure you go through the online casino website. It is an essential factor, considering the fact that unreliable websites are all over the internet. Select a trustworthy website like Betsofa Casino, and start playing from today.

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