Choosing the right Smartwatch right now is harder because you will find a lot of Smartwatches in the market right now. There are all competing with each other providing the best features and build quality. Choosing the right brand will also give an advantage if you are trying to look for the best Smartwatch.

There are also some affordable smartwatches you can buy that provide great features and quality. That is why expensive things are not always the best option. These affordable Smartwatches can able to do things that the expensive Smartwatches can do. And here are the lists of best affordable Smartwatches that you can have in 2019.

TicWatch E2

One of the affordable Smartwatches you can buy now. The Ticwatch is using a Wear OS and compatible with both Android and iOS. It also has a beautiful OLED display for a better viewing experience for the user. This Smartwatch is supported by a powerful Snapdragon Wear 2100 with onboard storage of 4GB. This watch will provide you service for about 48hr.

Refilling its battery life is easier because of its magnetic connecting pin. Although, wireless charging is better to have since you will get this Smartwatch for an affordable price than its just fair. Being wet is not a problem with this Smartwatch since it is IP67 rated and you can also connect to wifi and Bluetooth, which is an important feature for a Smartwatch to have.

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Amazfit Bip

This Smartwatch has a resemblance to Apple’s Smartwatch in terms of the design. The Amazfit Bip is working on an Amazfit OS, a self-made operating system of Amazfit. Still compatible with Andriod and iOs, you will not have any problem with using different types of applications. Although, the front of this Smartwatch is just a “Liquid Crystal Display.”

This watch is powered by Mediatek, a Taiwanese brand that makes processors for Smartphones, TVs, Computers, and Smartwatches. You will enjoy using this Smartwatch anywhere because of its great battery life that can survive up to 45 days. This watch is one of the cheapest Smartwatch you can buy, and it’s just fair that it lacks some features.

Fitbit Versa Lite

A cheap version of Fitbit Versa, this Smartwatch is fitted with Fitbit OS and still compatible with both Android and iOS. The screen is 1.32” inches that produce a 300×300 resolution and supported with a touch screen. And the front is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which means that scratches are impossible to happen. This is also 50 meters of waterproof.

You will enjoy using this Smartwatch since it is capable of GPS, NFC, and it is also wifi ready. Other features that this Smartwatch can provide are heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, step tracking, message and call notifications, music, and useful apps. Choosing the Fitbit Versa Lite will not be a bad decision because of all the things it can do.

Garmin Forerunner 30

This Smartwatch is the best fit for those people who love to go for a run and do exercises. The system is a Garmin OS and compatible with Android and iOS. Although it is a little bit small compared with ti its competitors which is only 0.93” inches with a resolution of 128×128. A battery life that provides you up to 5 days which is already at the average level.

Features it can provide are GPS, and heart rate monitoring that is shocking because of how cheap this Smartwatch. On top of that, The Garmin Forerunner 30 has V02 monitoring that can track your exercise history, which you can only see on a much expensive Smartwatches. There are also great apps that have been made for this Smartwatch.

Fitbit Blaze

Running with the same Fitbit OS and like other Fitbit Smartwatches, it is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can enjoy this Smartwatch for five days, and it only has the basic charging option. And like other brands of Classic and Luxury watches, for example, Tag Heuer watches, and any Omega watches the Fitbit is also unique in its class because of its line of watches.

Fitbit brand itself has a lot of apps that you can use, and the blaze was made to be able to access and use those apps. It also offers basic notifications which is important if you are not often checking your Smartphone. The build quality of this Smartwatch is above average that can withstand the harsh environment, especially doing some mountain hiking.

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Polar M200

A Smartwatch that is also built for individuals for love to run. It has a Polar OS and still compatible with both Android and iOS. You will be enjoying this Smartwatch for six days without needing to recharge. One of the cheapest Smartwatch with a premium build quality and features. Although, this Smartwatch still lacks important aspects.

The Polar M200 has a very accurate GPS which is perfect if you often run and even being cheap this Smartwatch still has heart rate monitoring that you will only experience to high-end Smartwatches. The Polar M200 is just a simple Smartwatch you can use on the go, and you don’t need to spend a lot on buying it. And there are color options available.


To experience the best Smartwatch that the market can offer doesn’t have to be expensive. And these are some of the most affordable Smartwatches you can buy right now. They might not be perfect, but they can still perform and provide a great experience to their users for a low price. Any of the Smartwatches mentioned above is the best choice to have.

The Polar M200 is a simple and elegant Smartwatch, the Fitbit Blaze that has unique styling, the Garmin Forerunner 30 that is made for people who like to run, the Fitbit Versa lite which is a cheaper version of the Fitbit Versa, the Amazfit Bip that has an Apple-like design for those who wanted an Apple watch without a budget, and the Ticwatch E2 which the best overall.

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