If you aim to be a wealthy individual, the process requires more than earning an income. You need to be able to hold onto your earnings and grow the money that you make. Learning how to invest is an essential aspect of growing your money.

Becoming an investor involves using the money to access things that can potentially be profitable, which can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Appreciating value from assets, real estate or stock portfolios
  • Cash flow from real estate or businesses
  • Interest from savings

While learning how to invest, you start dedicating your resources to things that have the biggest potential for profit. This can refer to aspects such as home improvement or paying down debt. It can also involve the purchase of stocks and bonds.

Technological advancements have made it possible for virtually anyone to begin investing with a mobile device and a few dollars every month. It is essential for all prospective investors to be aware of the basics that will help them make better investment choices right from the beginning.

Importance of investing

Investing enables you to grow your money substantially over time due to compounding. Compounding makes it possible to make significant returns and rake in a large number of dollars from an initial modest investment. Small amounts of money can be transformed into a vast fortune if you choose the right investment.

When determining how to invest your money, all financial advisors know how important it is, to begin with, the basics. These include setting your investment goals and figuring out the investments that will enable you to accomplish these goals.

When to invest

The right time to invest is actually right now. Contrary to popular belief, investing is not as dreadful or as complicated as it sounds. While the risk of making losses exists, there is a larger potential for significant gains. It can be scary to do anything for the first time when your hard-earned money is involved, but new investors who are equipped with the right knowledge can minimize their risks.

Investing money means that you will be purchasing part of a commodity or company because you expect the value of the commodity or company to grow. It is important to note that investing does not make you rich overnight. It gives you a way to build the wealth that you have.

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Risks and rewards

The reality is that investing exposes you to risk. There are various stories about people losing their fortunes and being victims of scams. While risk cannot be completely eliminated, investing wisely can reduce risk significantly.

Investing early offers the advantage of long-term investments such as retirement accounts. This type of investment is not as risky as a ‘get rich quick’ scheme that is handled by people who lack experience or who do not know what they are doing.

Dealing with the risk of investing is necessary since not investing is an alternative that can end up costing you much more money in the long run than losing some money when you make an unfavorable investment.

Starting to save money as soon as possible means that you will be earning more money as time goes by. Saving later can lead to missing out on thousands of dollars.

Keeping investments simple

The funds and stock that you choose are not the most crucial factors on the journey towards successful investing. Becoming a successful investor is based on the following:

  • Making an automated investment plan and sticking to it to prevent emotional and detrimental decisions
  • Selecting the right asset allocation with a general mix of cash, stocks, and bonds in your portfolio

Getting help

From Money Kinetics’ best money lender guide, it is essential for you to be aware of when to choose an investment platform and when you may need the services of an experienced financial advisor. Meeting an advisor face to face may be preferable to an online-based advisor if you have a lot of money to deal with, and you require solid financial advice.

Some individuals opt to consult a financial advisor for direct interactions and dependable advice when they are prepared to pay someone to handle their money. People who have a lot of time usually hand over their investments to financial advisors who can do the work for them.

Simple financial apps are popular because they have made it easier for more people to access investing via Robo-advisors. They are more affordable and convenient than conventional financial advisors. You do not have to worry about dealing with high costs or investment brokers at a conventional management company.

There are various electronic advisors, but an advisor that may be ideal for another investor may not be the right choice for you. Set aside enough time to identify the best option depending on how much and where you want to invest.

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Different ways to invest

Starting with small amounts can lead to reaping major rewards. There are different ways to begin investing in whatever you have today. Some people do not think they can invest due to the notion that they need a lot of money to begin investing. The reality is that it is possible to start with as little as a handful of dollars each month.

Developing the right financial habits is an important component of growing your wealth. Habits such as saving money every month and investing will secure your finances in the long run. The following are some of the ways to begin investing right from the comfort of your home:

1. Online savings

Investing and saving money are connected because you need to save some money in order for you to be able to invest it. This will not take as much time as many people may think. With a few simple steps, you can start the journey towards building your wealth.

Putting money into an online savings account allows it to earn interest. With the low-risk levels of a savings account, there will usually be low returns. Any risk involved is negligible, but the returns are typically minimal. However, a savings account enables you to stock cash that can be used in emergencies to avoid disrupting other investments or to buy investments.

It is important to develop the habit of saving and spending less than you earn while stashing your savings in a safe place. An online savings account is a convenient and effective way to stockpile money that can be used to boost your financial position.

2. Stock market

There are several brokerages that DIY investors can consider. You will be able to do everything without having to speak to someone face to face, which is a preference for some individuals. An online broker is usually more affordable than a conventional brick and mortar service.

The stock market is beneficial and commonplace for people to put their cash. Buying stock means that you own a portion of the company that you buy into. The company may pay you a portion of its profits through dividends according to the number of shares you own.

The price of your shares grows along with the value of the company over time, which makes it possible for you to sell shares of stock for a profit later on.

If you make the decision to buy stocks, a steady and gradual approach is recommended. Put a reasonable percentage of your portfolio in stocks as you venture further into the world of investing. Some people fear the stock market, but it is actually a great option for growing money.

3. Bonds

Purchasing bonds basically means that you are loaning money to an entity such as a company. The company that sells you the bond pays interest on this loan during the lifetime of the bond. Binds are usually regarded as a less risky alternative to stocks, but they also have a lower potential for massive returns.

Bonds are great for leveraging your investment, and they are used to finance governments, projects, and companies. Although no investment is completely free from risk, government bonds are an assuring choice.

The money that is invested in bonds can be used for the purpose of funding businesses. An investment in a company that has liquid assets in excess of the loan amount has low risk and offers substantial returns. Different types of investors can consider buying as many bonds as they want to.


Within the range of investment options, investing in stocks provides the highest potential for yielding reward, but you cannot put money into random stocks and look forward to favorable returns. There are many ways to begin investing with the money you have, and there are several apps and online-based platforms that make it easier for you to invest from home. Once you start somewhere, investing gets easier, and your financial future will be secured.

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