Technology is not only the way of the future, but the way of the present day. It has been a mainstay for business operations for several decades, meaning that nearly all current business infrastructure uses tech and digital aids as its backbone. Integrating technology affords business owners many benefits, one of which is fueling seismic business growth. In a world where science innovates hand over foot, keeping ahead of the crowd is the best way to remain competitive.

There’s a variety of software and applications that businesses can implement into their operations for optimal performance. Aside from productivity software, there are also many other ways to use technology in business growth strategies. Here’s the how-to guide explaining how incorporating more 1s and 0s into your business strategy could add more 0s to your bottom line.


If you’ve ever looked at the big picture of your business and wished that the operations could talk to you, SAP is the upgrade for you. SAP, or “systems applications and products,” is a collection of software that provides real-time insight into an enterprise’s functionality. In much the same way that an X-ray is your doctor’s portal into your diagnostics, SAP is your employee’s way to more productive practices. These valuable insights and planning supports reduce time to market, meaning that integrating this software is a no-brainer for the future-forward company. Choosing to run SAP from SUSE allows you an inside look into what you can do to grease your money machine.

Opting for a reputable IT solutions company is your fast track to wider profit margins and a loyal customer base. These experienced agencies offer operational advantages to several major industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, so you’ll be in good company.

Lead conversion

For those unfamiliar with the new trends in technology, it is now possible to take visitors to your website and social media profiles and convert them into new business leads. You can use any number of tactics to make the sale, just like in traditional sales, but now these tactics are primarily digital.

We live in the information age, and that means leveraging information to convert your leads. When actively trying to grow your business to new levels, it is critical to analyse those leads that don’t convert in order to determine where you’re going wrong in your pipeline. Integrating applications to track visitors and graph the percentage of which visits convert vs. abandon cart will further guide your business to its sales targets better than Annie Oakley.

If all else fails, you might consider partnering with a CRO or conversion rate optimization agency. These professionals use technological tools to show you the exact path that leads take through your site and offer advice on how you can close more deals in your digital avenues. No longer can you rely on inviting smiles and quick talking to seal the deal. Nowadays, your website will do the talking for you, and that’s why you might find value in a CRO’s agency insights.

Collaborating in real-time

With the hustle and bustle of real life, catching all of your team members in the same place for briefings and communications can be challenging. Thankfully, many digital collaboration options are available for teams to boost productivity and complete projects together in real-time, using the same documents and tools.

While businesses previously struggled to save documents to specific servers or faced the challenge of outside networks not having the ability to access necessary materials, that is no longer the case. Although security is still a top priority, cloud-based storage solutions allow companies to reduce overhead and bring their teams together by outsourcing storage to vendor servers.

Digital marketing

While billboards and radio commercials still have their place in marketing, digital marketing is one of the most significant aspects of business growth today. Securing ads and sponsored spots on social media and search engines allows increased visibility to your business and services.

Although there are mixed emotions on seeing advertisements throughout the Internet, ample research shows their effectiveness. With just a few seconds of visibility to a company’s logo or ad, an individual is more likely to remember the company and refer back to it for future needs.

The digital marketing rabbit hole goes deeper than traditional advertising like virtual billboards on websites and home feeds. You should also consider optimizing your business’s web pages for search engine algorithms. These algorithms decide which results appear closest to the top whenever your potential customers search out your industry, so you can imagine why it’s critical to be as near the first position as possible. Pay-per-click advertisements are an excellent way to bump your website to the first page of search results, even if you don’t have the resources for a full-scale SEO campaign.

Those searching for a subtler way to put their brand identity on display can turn to social media marketing, which mainly involves producing content for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These posts don’t necessarily have to be advertisements. Instead, social media marketing relies on a steady stream of industry-related content that encourages a following. If you can show your potential customers who you are through an active online presence, you’ll likely be at the forefront of their minds next time they’re ready to click the purchase button.

In summary

Although many desire for business growth to be like it was pre-technology, it, unfortunately, can’t be so. The changes in technology have produced many platforms for communication and collaboration that didn’t previously exist. As a result, businesses have to pivot their strategies to incorporate the routes that will help them grow their company.

The possibilities of business growth with technology are endless, with new options coming into existence every day. Implementing a few new era strategies can make a big difference in your profit and company exposure. The constant ebb and flow of tech might feel overwhelming, but to natural entrepreneurial adapters, it’s a familiar song and dance.

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