Want to purchase a special gift for a special person but stumped on what to buy? Tired of wondering if she already has those earrings or if he has that kind of watch? Wondering how you can find something truly unique for your loved one?

Gift-giving can be hard and it’s to rely on the same idea and get the same “safe” gift year after year. But finding a gift that’s truly a surprise and memorable is even harder work and time-consuming. But a gift that is truly unusual, something that’s different and out-of-the-ordinary can make a much more meaningful gift.

In this article, we take a look at seven popular gifts for every occasion and some ideas that might help you choose a unique present for whatever occasion you have on the horizon.

7 Popular Gifts for Every Occasion

1. Personalized Map of the Stars By Twinkle in Time

This personalized map captures the precise arrangement of the stars on any specific date and location, making a touching and meaningful gift for loved ones.

You can capture the alignment of the stars on a birthday or anniversary or even the moment you met someone special. Astronomy enthusiasts will also delight at this particular gift but the truth is, just about anyone can appreciate the mystical nature of the stars.

This beautiful map comes on quality art matte paper and the online ordering process is very simple. What’s more, Twinkle In Time was also included on CoolThingsChicago’s best birthday gift ideas guide here.

2. The Wellington Boot Family Print

Family photos are already wonderful keepsakes, but the Wellington Boot Family Print takes things to the next level. You can choose from many different wellies and colors, and this timeless watercolor can bring an added sense of character to any room or home. If you have pets, they can also be included, and each name is placed below every boot. Need we say more? Cute.

You can purchase the Wellington Boot Family Print in six different sizes, mounted, framed, or unframed so that your print has just the right impact no matter where you decide to hang it or whom you gift it to.

3. Kool8 – the Fully Insulated Water Bottle

Kool8 is a highly durable and eco-friendly water bottle. Featuring double-wall insulation and sleek design, this modern water bottle keeps any liquid cool or hot as needed. In addition to looking fantastic, this is a practical gift that will suit anyone who lives a busy or active lifestyle.

What’s more, Kool8 is a far superior alternative to the conventional hard-plastic or other metal water bottles and already proven to outperform them, too. At a time when waste is out of control, this is also a great gift for the environmentally conscious. Also, Kool8 donates 20% of its profits to improving the water quality in underprivileged areas around the world.

4. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Whatever you thought about instant cameras in the past, think again! Because the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera is the perfect combination of high tech, high-resolution photos and the nostalgia for instant pictures in your hand.

If you’re tired of combing through thousands of your unorganized photos online to find, download, or print or email it, the Polaroid Snap makes Polaroid photographs instantly available to you–and you don’t have to pass around your phone to see it or comb through thousands of unorganized phone photos to find it. The sleek and small camera uses the latest digital technology to take crisp and clear high-resolution photos that won’t fade over time. Taking less than a minute to print from the camera, you can share real photos instantly!

This is a great gift for nostalgia buffs and photography enthusiasts alike. And in a time when everything seems to be on a computer, smartphone, or social media, taking photos with the Polaroid Snap will make memories sure to last longer than any social media platform we know today.

5. Personalized Leather Key Ring

We carry our keys everywhere we go, making a unique and personalized keyring the perfect gift for someone special. They’ll never leave their keys behind now!

With soft, full-grain, aniline-dyed leather fobs available in a variety of colors and shapes, this is a classic and beautiful key ring and a heartfelt gift that will go everywhere your special person goes. The glossy nickel or metal hardware is durable and won’t bend or break under pressure. Choose a leather fob style and add a photo or text to the leather fob through easy online order form, and the manufacturer will instantly personalize the keyring for your loved one.

You can also check out this article with an impressive list of other personalized gift ideas out there.

6. Reusable Bamboo Mug for Tea and Coffee Lovers

Have a tea or coffee lover on your gift list? Worried about the rise of plastic pollution almost everywhere? Not wanting to add to the single-use plastic waste stream clogging up our oceans, landfills, and streets? Combine all these needs in the perfect gift–the EchoEco cup!

This reusable bamboo coffee mug is perfect for hot or cold drinks. Crafted from fast-growing, environmentally friendly bamboo fiber, the mug is sturdy and liquids won’t weaken the sides or bottom. It’s dishwasher safe, so you’ll get thousands of uses from this completely biodegradable mug. And EchoEco cups are compatible with bamboo straws and come with silicone sleeves and lids–not plastic–to protect hands from hot beverages.

More and more reusable tableware sets and mugs are being made of bamboo. Completely BPA and phthalate-free, bamboo is the perfect material for your eco-conscious friends and loved ones. Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, the EchoEco cup works hard, looks amazing, and fits into any decor.

7. ImAware Health Test

Imaware™ empowers patients by helping them focus on their personal wellbeing. Providing medical tests that people can use in the privacy of their own home, Imaware™ enables people to take control of their health needs and engage with medical professionals more efficiently than waiting for days or weeks for in- or out-patient test results.

Easy to use and provide accurate results, Imaware kits can test for celiac disease and rheumatoid arthritis. I personally found the test quick and painless – and the test results of just a few drops of blood – not an entire vial- were made available online to me on a secure platform in less than a week.

This is a great gift for the people in your life who care deeply about the state of their health and may not necessarily want to visit a doctor. I’ve tried this celiac disease test from them and have appreciated the ease of testing and the at-home experience.

Final Thoughts

Most people think about watches and jewelry when it comes to gifts. While it’s truly the thought that counts, make things personal this year and let that special someone know that you put some real effort into their gift this year. The great choices listed should hopefully give you some fresh ideas and help you choose a gift to remember.

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