It’s no secret people love snacks. Not only that, but snacks are a great way to improve the quality of your meetings at work. Long meetings can make it hard to focus, and sometimes people get bored and start to doze, or their minds wander onto different topics. When you offer snacks at your meetings, meeting attendees can munch on snacks, stay energized and alert, and be able to share their ideas and opinions. It’s important to offer a wide variety of snacks to ensure that there is something for everyone. Here are 7 reasons to include snacks in your 2023 meetings.

People Like Snacks

Let’s face it, people like to gather around food. When you’re going to be stuck in long meetings, snacks are a great way to break things up. Anything over 1 hour really should include food. Because people like them, it’s important to pick several different snack options, especially to include people with food allergies. There is nothing worse than being stuck in meetings all day when you can’t eat any of the food. You can even consider specialty options like Japanese candy or tasty mochi to include as a unique treat.

Snacks can be Customized for Your Group

While some companies focus on only offering some simple crackers and cheese, you can easily create a customized menu for your meetings. You may want to include snacks that are theme-based, healthy or not, and high in protein or low in sugar. It’s easy to order from various snack box companies, have your meeting catered by a local business, or have your event planner create the menu of snacks. Water and coffee are also great to have for your meeting.

Snacks are an Effective Way to Break up a Meeting

If you’re looking for ways to keep your attendees engaged, snacks are an easy way to do so. Snacks can help break up the monotony of the meeting by giving people something to look forward to. Taking breaks at certain times will allow people to take bathroom breaks, get up and stretch, grab a bite to eat, and maybe even take a quick phone call. Make sure your snack times include actual break times to keep your employees more engaged.

Snacks can Help you Focus on a Particular Subject

When you are discussing a specific topic and need your people to be focused, make sure they aren’t hungry. Snacks can keep people focused, alert, and more attentive during long business meetings. You can even offer coffee, tea, and water to keep everyone hydrated. A

Providing Snacks Will Make you the Best Boss Ever

You know those times when your employees go above and beyond? You want to express how much you appreciate it. Food can help especially when employees are working long hours to complete a project, and they feel overwhelmed and tapped out. Getting thoughtful snacks, especially when you find out everyone’s favorite one, can go a long way toward keeping them focused on the goal. Personalization especially goes a long way in these situations.

Boosts Morale

Including snacks in your meetings will boost office morale and make everyone feel appreciated. It is a good way to show that you appreciate your employees and the hard work they do. When you know that your meetings will always include energizing snacks, you can pay more attention to what’s happening instead of looking at the clock and wondering when the next break will be.

It Reduces Stress

Long meetings are stressful. Sometimes they are unavoidable, however, and there are things you can do to ensure that your staff members feel relaxed and comfortable. Offering snacks is one way to do this. Lower stress by providing protein-filled snacks, treaty snacks, and snacks that won’t make people spill on their shirts. Charcuterie boards are an excellent option as well because you can incorporate so many different options for everyone.


There are so many benefits to incorporating snacks into your office meetings, and this is just scratching the surface. From boosting morale to helping your staff focus on the topics at hand, offering snacks will certainly make you the best boss ever, especially when you require your staff to sit in meetings.

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