Hino is a leading truck and bus brand in Australia and New Zealand. Despite being relatively newer than other manufacturers, many transport companies trust Hino and continually add their vehicles to their fleet.

Read on to discover why companies choose Hino trucks.

A Brief History of Hino

Hino is a Japanese company specialising in manufacturing trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. It’s based in Tokyo and was established in 1942. Since then, the company’s commitment to innovation has propelled it into one of the world’s leading makers of buses and trucks.

Despite being under the Toyota group, Hino maintains its unique brand. The company has branches in over 90 countries and employs tens of thousands of workers.

Reasons for Choosing Hino Trucks

So, why choose Hino trucks? Read on to discover the advantages.


Reliability is the most crucial factor in operating a truck fleet, and Hino vehicles have it abundantly. The manufacturer uses the best technologies to make the engine and chassis, ensuring trucks have little or zero downtime. Furthermore, these trucks can withstand long distances and rough terrains without significant drops in performance.


Hino is one of the few brands actively contributing to a better environment. Its tracks have advanced engines and emission control technologies that comply with strict environmental protection standards.

Another notable feature in Hino trucks is the selective catalytic reduction system. This system turns harmful exhaust gases into water vapour and nitrogen before releasing them into the atmosphere. As a result, including Hino trucks in your fleet significantly reduces your company’s carbon footprint.

Peace of Mind

Hino parts undergo thorough testing before being installed on the trucks. This assures customers of excellent value for money and unrivalled on-road and off-road performance. Even if you purchase aftermarket parts for Hino trucks, quality and authenticity prevail.

Besides high-quality parts, Hino has one of the best warranty terms. All vehicles have a 5-year warranty, while components have a 3-year cover. This, combined with the brand’s reliability, gives consumers peace of mind when driving Hino trucks and buses.


Australia is famous for its rugged terrain that poses challenges to drivers, especially those driving heavy-duty vehicles. Hino trucks make it easier to manoeuvre through winding hills and valleys. They have high-assistance power steering systems and Meritor front axles that help drivers drive through narrow winding roads and limited parking spaces.

Attractive Design

Although attractiveness isn’t a priority for many truckers, it can make a difference when other features are similar. Customers are likelier to choose Hino over other brands with similar specifications because of its stunning visual appeal.


Toyota is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. It owes its popularity to the development of high-quality, reliable, durable, and relatively affordable vehicles. Hino is its subsidiary and benefits from its strong reputation in the motor vehicle sector. When you purchase Hino trucks, you are guaranteed Toyota’s quality.

Final Words

Hino makes many trucks for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. These vehicles have high-assistance power steering for enhanced manoeuvrability and selective catalytic reduction systems for reducing harmful emissions. Moreover, the company has best-in-class engines and chassis to ensure reliability over long distances and rugged terrains.

Lastly, all Hino trucks have a 5-year warranty, while aftermarket parts have a 3-year cover. It’s why the demand for Hino trucks is so high.

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