With a population of nearly 4 million, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area is one of the biggest markets in the midwest United States. There is much to love about the Twin Cities, whether you’re getting your career underway, building a family, or starting a business.

Advertising opportunities abound in the region, from billboards in Minneapolis to digital ads, events, and much more. Let’s jump into our guide on advertising in Minnesota’s most populated region and making the most of your ad spend in the Twin Cities.

Start with Downtown

Home to significant companies and tons of cultural institutions, your advertising efforts should begin in downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul. This is how you get a foothold in the city’s culture and become recognized in the city’s fabric.

Out-of-home advertising is the best way to begin since these downtown regions are loaded with public transportation, street furniture, and many digital platforms. Keep your focus on the city centers before expanding into new territory since your money goes furthest in more densely populated areas.

Check out traffic flows, tourism trends, and areas with more investment. These are good signs that a site is worth your advertising effort and billboards in Minneapolis.

Know the Neighborhoods

While there are nearly one million people in the downtown areas, this Minnesota metropolis has so much more to offer, with most of the population living in neighborhoods and small unincorporated communities.

Bloomington, for example, is just minutes from downtown and is home to major attractions like the Mall of America and several famous parks and tourist attractions. Brooklyn Park and Plymouth are also densely populated and could be worth targeting these growing demographics.

Find the Flow of Traffic

If you’re investing in billboards in Minneapolis, determining traffic patterns is part of your homework from the start. For example, routes 35 and 94 both connect the Twin Cities to one another, offering out-of-home ad opportunities for busy commuters and families alike.

Vehicular traffic is just a part of the equation, of course. Minneapolis and Saint Paul are both known for elaborate walking and biking trails, which also have plenty of foot traffic. Ad opportunities might be limited in these areas when winter rolls around.

Find out when and where traffic ebbs and flows, and you’ll have a significant leg up against the competition with billboards in Minneapolis.

Be a Cultural Force

The citizens of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are proud to live there, even during harsh winters filled with snow and hail. However, you have to prove yourself as a company to make a good impression, which means relating to the people personally.

Twin Cities citizens are educated, with plenty of wit and humor to get them through the winters. They’re also community-minded and are tuned into issues of equality and social justice.

It’s also worth mentioning that Minnesotans like their music, comedy, and craft beer, especially when temperatures drop. Speak to these interests and keep the copy sharp and snappy for best results.

The Great Outdoors

Summer doesn’t last long in Minnesota, but citizens are sure to enjoy every moment possible in the great outdoors. They take daily strolls along the river, explore the many parks within the city, and head out to one of the many lakes when work finishes on Friday.

This makes summer the best time to capitalize on billboards in Minneapolis since everyone is out and about – and in a great mood. When people are soaking in the summer sun, that’s when you need to put your business front and center on city streets, near park trail entrances, and in cultural districts where the party happens.

College Town Heros

There are dozens of colleges and universities in the Twin Cities area, from the University of Minnesota system to numerous liberal arts and technical schools. College students might not be the biggest buyers, but they may be Minnesota citizens with disposable income soon enough.

Create a connection with students in the Twin Cities, and they’ll be more likely to keep your business in mind when it comes time to buy. This is how you build brand loyalty and establish your company for the long term.

Tap Into the Sports Scene

All of the “big four” professional sports teams have a home in the Twin Cities, and sports are taken quite seriously. With the minor league and amateur events as well, you’ve got endless opportunities to advertise year-round.

Make your ads unique to the region and speak the language of the fans.

Master the Minneapolis Business Scene

With tons of tourist attractions, sports stadiums, and universities, the Twin Cities is a bustling business center for companies of all kinds.

Get started advertising in this Minnesota Metropolis today, and become a trusted member of a growing community.

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