In the last couple of years, just like online casinos did, mobile casinos have quickly reached dizzying new heights. The growth of mobile casinos has contributed to more than a huge 15 percent of last year’s revenue in the gambling industry. It has come as a surprise too, as nobody really saw this coming from the movie casino industry around about eight years ago.

It is not a bad thing though, but we should be asking ourselves the question of how mobile casinos have grown at such a fast pace; for instance, classic online casinos like Wizard Slots have more mobile than desktop players today. Research has just shown that people spend most through shopping via mobile, whether it is clothes or holidays, and so it makes sense that this would now include casino games.

We turn to our smartphones for everything it would seem nowadays, and we use our smartphones probably more than we use anything else in our lives. More people than ever before are now turning to their smartphones for various things, notably to play games and specifically through gaming apps more so than ever before. In fact, as many as 44 percent of casino gamers play through their mobile in fact, and this can be seen when you check out the number of games in any given casino library.

Gaming through mobile casinos

Most online casinos now have more than 100 mobile games in their catalog, and this figure is ever-growing with the rise of developers creating better games and software to meet growing demand. This rise of online gaming does not seem like it has just come about solely for the reason that our smartphones are the backbone of our lives. As the quantity of gaming has begun increasing at a steady pace, so has the quality.

With online casinos available through mobile, for example, you can play a game on your phone that resembles the same quality that you would have if you were to be playing that same game on your console, laptop, or desktop device.

Social media and gaming

Another thing that has likely helped lead us to the growth of mobile casinos comes down to how our lives are being led by social media. A decade or so ago, you would have had a really difficult time if you tried to track down a game that let you play with a multiplayer function, and multiplayer games themselves just didn’t seem to exist at all then.

This is less exciting of course than playing with friends and sharing scores over social media and with each other. Multiplayer gaming has been on the rise in casinos, with competitive games like live poker and blackjack more available now than ever before via mobile, it only makes sense more people are drawn to these games than before. Then you can publish it on your home page too, and this also helps make us want to game more.

How has mobile gameplay affected the casino gaming industry?

Casino games have always been quite popular over the ages, and all over the world for years there was nothing better than finishing work and heading out to a local pub to have a pull on your lever and try your hand with lady luck – it is a thrilling way to unwind without exerting too much effort. After a while though, of course, this had to change as we moved into a more digital era, at least the way we game with casinos has. And as we all move towards the more digital way of life, this includes the way we play games as well.

Slot games, for instance, have always been very popular, and as such the quality of the games, which has always been good, has improved slightly more than anything else. But this was kind of bound to happen as everything goes over to the online sphere and so you can be more creative with it as it is not fixed into a machine like it was back in the day.

The added bonus of getting a win was and is still always a good reason to play and that reason alone is in fact usually enough to get players going in the first place, but ultimately the gaming experience is the main thing that pulls us in most of the time. So are mobiles the future of the gambling industry? It would seem that in a way, yes, and that goes for everything in the commerce world really. Why? It is easier to play games online, on your phone and in particular gambling casino games, and it means you can play them whenever you want, and so the business is booming.

Does mobile make gambling more convenient?

Thanks to this kind of unprecedented access, gambling with online casinos have become more popular than ever, thanks in part to the fact that anybody can now play them at any time, and so there are no limits around who will play a casino game, or when we can gamble.

Casino games and gambling have gotten far more popularity over the years than most other games online thanks in part to the fact they are so easy to get a hold of and because they make a good option for any kind of player as you do not need to exert much effort, plus there is the thrill of the chase, trying to win, and then actually winning itself.

It would seem that mobiles are the future of the gambling industry, and it is an industry that continues to grow and see success as more and more casinos optimize their sites so that they can be played seamlessly through mobile. As we all reach for our mobiles numerous times a day, it does make sense, and it only makes sense that like every other thing we buy goes on apps and is purchased through our mobile that casinos pick up on this trend and also follow suit themselves.

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