Kodi lets you stream your favorite content- both free and paid. It is one of the most popular customizable media players where you can add repositories, builds and various add-ons according to your wish. The users usually play around this while choosing the right Kodi add-on for themselves. But no matter what is your main activity on Kodi, you will have to reset Kodi to factory settings at least for once. If you have a lot of add-ons stacked in your Kodi software or stuck with an outdated build that is not updating, then its time you clean up everything and get a new setup.

There are a number of ways by which you can delete the previous data and reset Kodi to factory settings. In this article, we are going to share how to reset Kodi on Amazon Firestick and Android TV box.

How to Reset Kodi to Factory Settings?

Kodi is definitely one of the most used streaming platforms. Its feature of customizability gives it an edge over other competitors. However, there is one feature that is not present even in the latest Kodi version. Yes, you cannot fresh start or reset Kodi to factory default settings. There was some discussion in the Kodi world as to should this feature be included in the V.17 of Kodi Krypton, but as it is not there you will have to wait.

There are various options to restore Kodi to factory settings. We have tried to cover the most effective ones here. As different users use different devices to stream Kodi content, different methods are required. Choose the guide according to your device, and follow the steps given. We are sure that soon you will have a clean and refresh Kodi for your favorite content.

Why is a Factory Reset in Kodi Important?

Just like every other application, Kodi also requires maintenance and upkeep. There is a regular change in the addresses of the addons and repositories, they stop working, and sometimes also change functionality. And so leaving the Kodi setup with these unsafe an unofficial add-ons, there are chances of various bad possibilities.

Your Kodi system will be slower. Also, there is a regular check for updates, and all the add-ons are regularly updated. But if not, then the more dead content you own, the more ineffective your Kodi system becomes and works with no benefit.

You are prone to malicious content. There have been a few cases, most recently with the Entertainment Repo, where the original developer has given up his GitHub account and somebody else has taken it over and pushed an update for their personal benefit. Kodi addons simply point to a web address on the internet and it doesn’t know whether the content it is giving you is right or wrong.

A factory reset is important as with time, one accumulates a lot of Kodi repositories that have become old and are no longer active. So with a factory reset on Kodi, you can clear the deck and get free from the old repositories, and simultaneously install some fresh and active add-ons.

If you have some of these repositories, then let me tell you that these are quite old and outdated. These repositories include- PodGod, lambda, tknorris, Blazetamer, Metalkettle, Echo, Mucky Duck, Noobs and Nerds, Xunity Talk, Entertainment Repo.

How to Do a Kodi Factory Reset?

This is one of the most common and general methods to restore/ reset Kodi settings to default. You can actually erase everything and start fresh. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app. Then from the main screen of Kodi open System followed by File Manager.

Step 2- Next click on Add Source option. In the new window, you will observe a field called None, click on it.

Step 3- Now enter the following URL in the space provided. Make sure that you write the address as it is- http://dimitrology.com/repo. Then click on Done.

Step 4- Give the media source an appropriate name, like Dimitrology. And click Ok.

Step 5- Navigate back to the Kodi home screen. Now click on Add-ons > Add-on Browser/ Package Installer icon.

Step 6-Then select Install from Zip File option. And select the file that you previously saved, in this case, Dimitrology.

Step 7- Next select the plugin.video.fresh-start-x.x.zip file. The add-on will be enabled, just wait for a few seconds.

Step 8- Click on Program Add-ons. Then look for the fresh install/ fresh start option for the addon that you just installed.

Step 9- You will be asked to reconfirm your action of resetting Kodi to the original state. Click on Yes.

Step 10- Wait for a few minutes as the system takes to clear the data. After the process completes, you will be asked to restart Kodi. We would advise you that you also go for a hard reset by pulling the power completely from the back.

Step 11- After the process is competed boot up your Kodi. The factory reset process will be completed and everything is erased.

That’s it. You can start adding new add-ons and repositories to your system and enjoy free streaming of your favorite content.

How to Reset Kodi On Android TV Box?

Step 1- Close the Kodi app in case you have opened it.

Step 2- Now open the Settings of your Android device.  Go into your Android Settings Screen.  You may also need to go to “More Settings’ section.

Step 3- Scroll down and locate the Apps or Applications option. Click on it.

Step 4- Then look for the Kodi option in the given list. Click on it, and wait for a new screen to appear with various options.

Step 5- Next click on the Clear Data button.  The process of deleting, computer space will begin. Wait as the process will take a few minutes.

Step 6- The data size will be reduced to zero as the process completes. Now close everything and return to the Kodi home screen.

Step 7- Launch Kodi again and ensure that you are working with a clean and fresh installation and that everything is erased.

Wrapping Up

Resetting Kodi to the original state is important for effective and fast streaming. Restoring Kodi not only free up space but also enhances performance. So if you are not using any of the Kodi add-ons or repositories presently, then remove them and reset your device. We hope that now you know how to reset Kodi to factory settings, uninstall and reinstall Kodi and the various add-ons.

In case of any queries or suggestions, just hit the comment section.

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