You might have heard about corporate fraud. It is not commonly true for big businesses but the same happens to small business (SMB). Therefore, businesses fortify their internal controls with the help of auditing software for security and compliance arsenals. Here in this article are listed some best auditing software for small and medium businesses.

As it is rightly said more big companies more are corporate fraud. You take the example of Uber, Volkswagen and other big-time companies who face large scale corporate scandal every year. To avoid this fraud these businesses rely on compliance software like auditing software for their security. Among many auditing software have a look here to some designed for software development, legal compliance, while others are equipped for maintenance or data security. 

What is Auditing software?

Whether you are auditing for compliance or safety management, taking stock of your internal audit controls to toughen your security and ensuring savings from paying penalties, auditing software plays a vital role. Internal audit plays the best ways to fight fraud and business-related crimes in small and medium businesses. To maintain brand and business reputation the access to all the right tools is important to implement.

Therefore in order to protect your business data and company website from external threats, deploy a proven security software with the help of Auditing Software. This software fosters honesty, transparency, and healthy competition and implementing the appropriate audit software tools is the most efficient strategy to employ.

One should look for the features such as for internal audit in general, specific audit and security needs like IT security and financial reporting.

25 Best Auditing Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Auditing software has got a special place in these businesses. So let us have a look at this Auditing software which is worth a try for small and medium businesses.


Gensuite tops the list of Auditing software which is a cloud-based auditing and compliance solution. It performs the function that helps businesses to manage their audit, compliance and operational processes more effectively, especially in the area of EHS compliance.

This one is the Award-winning Audit Management Software simplifying audit inspection processes that use a digital collaborative approach. It meets all the regulatory, certification and program requirements via a suite of auditing, inspection and corrective action tracking tools that are capable of carrying risk.

It is quickly configured and deployed and offers to target sustained innovation, quality service, and ROI. It has got millions of users. With the help of its mobile capabilities, it offers easy collaboration between your co-workers and creating a simplified auditing process.

Cygna Auditor

Cygna Auditor was formerly called as Knowledge Vault. It is considered a top choice for auditing software because it performs robust auditing and inspection capabilities along with advanced reporting and analytics. It has got some smart business management features.

This cloud-based auditing solution offers a wide array of tools and functionalities for implementing processes, and tracking risks across a wide range of collaboration tools and devices to support teamwork, auditing and analysis tasks and faster issue resolution in compliance with industry and legal regulations.

Many view Cygna as the next-generation cloud-based auditing, analytics, and optimization tool, for it, is sophisticated and cost-effective inspection, detection, reporting, and organization functionalities permit IT managers and cloud administrators so that they can secure and optimize cloud-based productivity suites like mail and storage networks. Its supremacy features allow businesses the advantage of cloud-based audit and collaboration capabilities.

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is another auditing platform that is designed primarily for IT auditors and program managers. It is this user-friendly and easy-to-configure auditing software that helps in conducting small and large businesses audits and ensures compliance with internal security protocols and policies. It safeguards vigorous business data protection and solid access control.

Using this software it is easy to detect security threats and risks and provides effortless access to compliance documents. Netwrix Auditor also roles as visibility, governance, and process automation tool for operations and IT security across industries like education, healthcare, public agencies, and financial services.

Deployed as an on-premise and cloud-based IT system, this auditing solution management is capable of readily tracking the data access and creating reports in an IT network.


iAuditor is auditing software platform programmed to help the team to conduct and manage safety audits and quality inspections. Designed with features used on a daily basis, it digitizes safety audits and site inspections by establishing flexible and safely conducting of operational audits. It is also useful for creating checklists and reports directly from any device, including mobile gadgets.

Packed with numerous audit and business tools, iAuditor empowers auditors and inspectors in performing their tasks conveniently using their mobile device. And what is the best part, it can be used with or without an internet connection.


Nifty5S is a cloud-hosted audit management system that is designed to straighten, sort, systematically clean, sustain and standardize your audits. Using this tool, auditors can perform audits with their mobile device by pre-made auditing forms. And the data will automatically be conveyed to a central database.

In this way, there is a need to re-input the data after when the auditing process is done. In addition, it can generate reports that will get you insight into the performance of your audits. This tool boosts your operational efficiency and also eliminates the need for paper waste.


Isolocity is designed keeping in mind the small to medium manufacturing businesses. This tool is flexible enough, therefore, no customization is required. It does not has a hefty price tag and is also ideal for some large business scale. This one is an intuitive, cloud-based quality management auditing software that automates a company’s quality management system and compliance activities.

Now to completely automate the audit process, the software enables businesses to cut ISO and GMP certification audit time by as much as 50% and daily compliance management time by around 25% to get things done faster and more efficiently. is a fully customizable, easy to use audit tool designed to help small and medium businesses automate all their auditing tasks. It is capable of operating on all the devices on and offline. From the filing of audits to reporting and conduct audits on your mobile or tablet the app reduces paperwork and manual data inputs.

It saves times and also attaches images and other files, assigns and notifies the responsible people of all auditing tasks. This user-friendly automated software shares the automated PDF-reports to stakeholders, and analyses from the real-time statistics even generate data from each Q&A entry.


Qualtrax auditing software consists of vigorous document control, employee training and process automation management. This compliance software is designed to help businesses to save time and resources, on the other hand, improving operational efficiency, precision, and outcomes.

For more than 25 years, Qualtrax is streamlining to achieve simplified audit and accreditation management. In addition, it is also capable to automate virtually every business process for the better business result.


With the help of LogicGate’s audit & GRC focused workflow platform the auditors can automate audit controls processes and keep on track in real-time. The thing that makes LogicGate unique is its ability to create linkages between diverse audit processes and allowing to perform broad regulatory assessments within one screen.

In addition, you can stop duplicating efforts with overlapping assessments. LogicGate is used by companies like Capco & Sofi and has built-in controls like NIST, PCI, and HIPAA.

Fastpath Audit Trail

Fastpath Audit Trail is an auditing software that delivers comprehensive analysis enabling businesses to effectively monitor changes to transaction data and deliver reader-friendly reports. It offers Fastpath Assure® tool that provides integrated templates and reports for auditing high-risk business areas.

Qualityze EQMS Suite

Qualityze is considered as the next-generation Audit Management software. It is cloud proven and global capabilities that come with an intuitive user interface. It is capable of managing compliance and risk with the help of end-to-end process management of internal & external audits.

Using this tool you can create checklist library, audit planning, improve audit program efficiency and reduce cost, manage audit findings effectively, drive continuous improvement, enhance the visibility of audit results, and conduct offline audits, digital signature, audit trail, and much more.

Field iD

Field iD is both an audit and EHS compliance management software that provides a broad array of advanced tools that are capable of improving business efficiency, decreasing liability, compliant, and empower staff. This one is a smart audit software that allows users to finish auditing by being quick and precisely by preventing any double-entries.

This activity ensures that the data and report are accurate. Users can also automate the schedules and notifications for on-time job completion and accident reduction.


Used by millions of users across the world, Intelex is its one kind of trusted audit and EHSQ management solutions that are available in the market today. It is a robust and flexible online platform that combines an integrated data storage, access, and management system in a single location.

You get whole lot range of robust features for audit management, root cause analysis, compliance management, risk assessment, analytics, and reporting, etc. This is a highly customizable solution which can be used in any browser or device for easy access and smooth collaboration with your team members from numerous locations.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is an easy-to-use, user-friendly comprehensive audit and asset management software for businesses ranging of all sizes. It is an affordable and customizable cloud-based business suite that facilitates managers to conduct their core duties which include maintenance management, asset monitoring, etc. It is optimized to use with any device and enables seamless collaboration in the office and even from the field, in real-time.

ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an IT security and compliance auditing solution. Supporting over 200 reports and real-time alerts, it informs the changes made to the content and configuration of Active Directory, Azure AD, and Windows servers. Additionally, it also provides insight on workstation and file server access like NetApp and EMC. ADAudit Plus lets you track user logon and logoff; analyze account lockouts; audit ADFS, ADLDS, and printers and forward logs to SIEM tools.


Raken is primarily designed for construction firms and uses innovative mobile technology to simplify the auditing, monitoring and reporting tasks. It has in-built “digital toolbox” that virtually unifies with the workers set out in the field by enabling seamless field reporting capabilities, covering project insights, time cards, daily reports, etc.

Raken features easy and fast auditing management by enabling them to streamline the cumbersome auditing and report-generation tasks. It also provides stakeholders time to focus on project completion and other more critical activities.


Designed for similar businesses, Jolt is a comprehensive auditing and compliance enterprise suite that seamlessly assimilates workflows, forms, checklists, and various core business processes. It has got automated record-keeping features for quick reporting in real-time.

Also, its compliance tools allow efficient and consistent auditing, employee forms, and checklist balancing, among others. You get a host of operational functionalities, like employee scheduling, communications, time and attendance, information library, etc. 

MoreApp Forms

MoreApp Forms is another popular audit and forms software that is designed to help businesses achieve time and resource savings. It is capable of digitizing all kind of business forms and the completion of mission-critical tasks like audit faster, as well as inspections, evaluations, reports, etc.

It is deployable both on-premise and online and enables auditors to conduct audits and inspections both internally and externally on the field. Data can here be securely sent and shared over SSL.


ZenGRC is a cost-effective, low-maintenance, and easy to implement compliance and audit software for business. It can be organized on-premise or as SaaS and allows users to easily integrate it into their day-to-day office work. This agile software has a user-friendly and easy to navigate dashboard to achieve higher productivity and better efficiency while authorizing management to become proactive. is a comprehensive auditing platform that offers the scalability and flexibility to collect critical data and facilitates the data collection. It also provides robust automation and customization capabilities to improve a wide range of workflows and tasks.

It also proposes functionalities that simplify data collection, management, and reporting. This integration solution in all has in-built ready-made audit and inspection modules for businesses involved in various sectors.

Some other Auditing software are-

Wrapping Up!

I hope this article on the top 25 Best Auditing Software for SMB have given you immense knowledge on which platform to choose as per your business requirement. Also, I would recommend that don’t go just for auditing software because it is popular or has an attractive price. Look for operational needs and mandatory features and make a logical selection.

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