Since the shutdown of the website, there was an utter need for an alternative website for the same. Let’s have a look at the various best backpage alternatives that can be used in case you wish to acquire the services of a website similar to backpage. Because, Suddenly the website was gone and many of you wondered “where did backpage posters go?

Backpage was the destination for classified ads. From electronics, automobiles to property, jobs, events everything can be found on such websites. But the negative part about backpage was that it became famous for adult ads.

It was because this website was closed down by the United States Department of Justice in the month of April 2018, as it was allegedly used for human trafficking. But we need not rely only on Bakpage. there are Backpage alternative websites that can easily substitute Backpage.

The Best Backpage Alternatives Websites 2021

15 best sites like backpage classified that can be used in place of Backpage are as follows:


Best Backpage Alternatives

When we talk about the best backpage alternatives, Craiglist definitely tops the list. Its user base is extensive and it has been ranked the second-best by the users itself. It is basically a classified ads webpage but it had adult ads for a time, but later it was taken down in 2010 because of the alleged claim of promotion of prostitution.

The homepage offers various subdivisions where you can choose the kind of classified that you wish to see. In addition to this, you can also hide the unnecessary pop-ups in this best backpage alternative or we can say it’s the best substitute to Backpage.

Classified Ads

Backpage alternatives websites 2020

Classified Ads are yet another option available when we talk about the best backpage alternatives. This helps you post personal ads along with the rest of ones. The steps involved in posting the ads on this backpage alternatives is a little complicated, but one can easily find video tutorials to do that.

However, the problem that is observed by a majority of the users is that on this website the ads are mixed with obtrusive ads that hinder the easy browser.

It is quite unusual that we are discussing the best backpage alternatives and Locanto does not come into the discussion. Locanto is the most preferred website among the various backpage alternatives available. It is available in more than 60 countries marking its existence worldwide.

The wide approach worldwide makes websites easier to use and thus its popularity is bound to increase. Since the user base is high, thus there are wide chances of getting more relevant approaches.


This UK based site has been listed in the best backpage alternatives that provide the user’s a great extent and wider reach. The main targets on this page are basically automobiles and property.

You need to have an account on this website prior to posting an advertisement. However, you don’t need one to browse the various. This website is slightly different from backpage as it does not involve personal ads.


Launched in the year 2004, Oodle is basically a classifieds aggregator that amalgamates classified ads from a variety of sources. Its own personal ads section was also launched in the year 2006.

The main purpose is Oodle is to gather ads from all the sources available and present it at one place to make the search more convenient for the user, they don’t have to visit multiple sites as all the information is provided at a particular place.

As it might be the case that the website you are searching at might not have all types of ads, but a platform like Oodle reduces your search and helps in saving time.

Ok Cupid

We all are already familiar with Tinder, the online dating app. Well, OkCupid is also something similar to that only. It works the same way in which personal ads work on Backpage.

You need to create your account with a little description of yourself and obviously, along with this all, you require a beautiful looking picture of yours. Once all this is done, you can start chatting and find similar people.


Best Backpage Alternatives

Geebo is yet another name when we talk about the best backpage alternatives. It is present in a wide number of countries having a base in the US. It’s quite a similar site to Craiglist where there are several subdivisions present relating to the categories.

They can be named as Personals, Vehicles, Employment, Real Estate and so on. Another best feature about this best backpage alternatives is that it hides the pop-up advertisements as far as it can so you get a great experience.

City News

This website has worldwide access with a base in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, etc. You are free to post any ad pertaining to the region and the category as you wish.

Although this is one of the best backpage alternatives, still it gained popularity back in 1998 itself. All the ads present on the website are generally free and scams are ensured to be minimum.

Want Ad Digest 

A simple platform with spreading base, it is one of the best sites like backpage classified but still, the users prefer using other options. There are various categories divided on this website, such as cars, power sports, personal, and so on.

Chances of your ad being seen by the majority of the users are high and it ensures timely and genuine results. The high responses are the most attractive feature of the want ad digest.

Penny Saver

Ever shifted to a new place and found troubles in the local market? Well, then this is indeed the best of the backpage substitutes for you.

This website allows you to find goods and services in the local areas. The original company has now been in the market for 50 long years. It also offers users privacy and assurance of the personal information being safe.


Best Backpage Alternatives

This is the website that comes under the top list of best backpage alternatives. It is orderly divided into categories that make surfing easy as each division is planned accordingly.

This is indeed one of the top best backpage substitute as it involves fraud detection that makes sure that no illegal trade practice takes place on the website.


sites like Bakpage - Bedpage

This is a similar website like the Bedpage which offers easy posting of the ads. This website, however, is having many categories but on this, dating is the most common and popular one. It has a large community where you can find like-minded people and build relations.

UK Classified – Sites like Backpage Classified

Best Backpage Alternatives of 2020 - UK Classified

As the name suggests, this website is based in the UK. It has various categories such as health and beauty, sports and leisure, property, and many more. You can find and sell almost anything on this platform. It is one of the most popular sites in the UK that are used as backpage alternatives.

Finder Master

Best Backpage Alternatives - Finder Master

This website shows the user quite refined data by a selection of the country, area, region, categories, and so on. It is a lesser-known website when we talk about the best sites like Backpage classified. The additional feature provided by this website is that you can hide your number if you wish to, so it ensures safety.

Also, you can add your searches to favorites enabling customization.

Gigantic List

sites like Backpage - List Gigantic

As the name implies, this has a huge list of advertisements that can complete any search. The ads can be posted without being a member that is the best part of this website, unlike various other best back page alternatives that make it necessary to make an account in order to place an advertisement.

Here are the best Backpage alternatives websites in 2021 for you:

  • Craiglist
  • Classified Ads
  • Gumtree
  • Oodle
  • Okcupid
  • Geebo
  • City News
  • Want Ad Digest
  • Penny Saver
  • Hoobly
  • Bedpage
  • UK classified
  • Finder master
  • Gigantic List

Conclusion – Where Did Backpage Posters Go?

Thus, after the shutdown of the website- back page, various other best back page alternatives came up and it would not be wrong to say that they are even better than that. More features, more customizations, more convenient searches are a few of the features to name of. You can choose the one that appeals to you the most and goes searching! 

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