In between lockdown days, somethings are still trending on the Internet,

Badshah, along with Payal Dev and Jacqueline Fernandez, released his latest single ‘Genda Phool’ on Friday.

If you make your way to YouTube’s trending page, you will notice that it is currently at #3 and has raked in a whopping 53 million views. But there is something quite unsettling about the song, as most of you might not be aware of the history behind the song. So let us find out.

YouTube video

What’s Wrong in the Song “Genda Phool”

There are some mistakes prevailing in the song. So let us see it one by one. Firstly the lyrics of the song is not up to the mark. Secondly, the choreography of the song is not a treat to the eyes. The song is not up to the mark as we expected from Badshah. Some Bengali lyrics is also seen in the song. People who understand Bengali will definitely get what the Kahar is saying. For those who won’t, here’s the issue.

No Credibility to Ratan Kahar

Ratan who was the original creator of the song “Boro Loker Biti Lo” is still not given the credit. Earlier in 1976, Swapna Chakraborty presented the song “Boro Loker Biti Lo” in her own way without giving credit to Ratan and still, the things are prevailing as it is.

Am I surprised that this has happened in an industry? No. Am I surprised that Badshah has done this? No. Do I expect things to suddenly change and become favourable? No. The only thing I hope is that this article will reach Badshah and he’ll just send a shout-out to Ratan, give him credit, and shine some spotlight on him.

It won’t even take a full minute and it will help Kahar through his current state of living to make improvements in his lifestyle

Wrapping Up

Some songs are worth listening, others are just not as commendable. In her previous song “mere angne mein” with Asim Riaz, Jacqueline performed somewhat better than this. Although, this is not a Badshah type of song but viewers are expecting more from him. Till then stay tuned for more updates!

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