With the increasing work-life stress and our busy lifestyle, we often miss a lot of important things. We miss our family get-togethers, hangouts with friends, and whatnot. However, you surely don’t have to really miss the episode of your favorite TV show with the DVR service keeping it safe for you. It is an important addition to our fast-paced lifestyle and rewards all the hardworking.

There are hundreds of options available in the market and with this guide, we will help you decide the best one for you.

Here are the Best DVRs of 2020:

Hopper 3

This is a special DVR you get with Dish subscription and has the ability to record up to 16 shows simultaneously. You can record as many shows as you like with its 2TB recording capacity. The pricing starts as low as $15 per month, and honestly, it is justified by the amazing features that are part of this deal. I mean what can you do with 2TB storage. You can download all the 30 seasons of the Simpsons for an entire month.

Moreover, Hopper 3 is a perfect aid to your smart home and those Eco Dots come quite handy when you are too lazy to pick up your remote. You also get the access to Dish app which lets you download all your favorite programs on your smartphones and tablets.

The Contour Record 6

This DVR won’t get you 2TB of storage but meets the requirements of an average household. There are two options available. The Contour Record 6 has a storage space of 250 hours and will record 6 shows at a time. There are many other cool features available with this DVR, but you must sign up for the Cox cable TV plans.

The other option is Contour Record 3 DVR that can record 3 shows simultaneously. This DVR service is perfect for all the Cox Customers looking for an option to record their favorite programs.


With TiVo Bolt VOX DVR, you get storage of more than 1TB and you can store 150 hours of binge-worthy TV shows. The DVR box comes with four tuners, and you can record 4 different shows simultaneously. The main advantage of getting a third-party DVR is that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the service. It is a one-time investment.

Moreover, you get a controller that comes with pretty nifty features. You can change channels, record shows, and schedule a download with a voice command. This isn’t it. You can even skip all the advertisements by pressing one button.

Amazon Firestick

If you live and breathe Amazon products, Amazon Firestick will be a valuable addition. You can record all your favorite shows, local news, exclusive sports events, late-night shows, and whatnot. You don’t even have to watch it on TV. The Fire TV app brings everything to your smartphones.

Beyond its amazing connective abilities, the Fire TV comes with two tuners to record two channels simultaneously. If this does not meet your household requirement, you can even upgrade to four tuners allowing you to record four channels at a time. You get pretty decent 500 GB storage enough for medium-sized households.

The Amazon Fire TV is compatible with Alexa, and you can manage guide, and schedule recordings with voice command, so you have more time to relax.

However, this comes at a fair cost. You’ll be needing an HD antenna and a fire stick on top of the DVR.

Avermedia Ezrecorder 130

It may not have the same features as the others, but it still does all the work required. Recording your favorite show is easy, even if you are away from home. The DVR supports video resolution of up to 1080p, and you can expand storage: however, it deems fit. It lets you take snapshots of your TV programs so that you can capture all the historical rulings and make unlimited memes. You will not even need a computer to add these screenshots.

It is best suited for content creators. You can even record your gaming consoles. Unfortunately, it does not come with a voice control.

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