Do you want a good SMTP service for sending your emails and you cannot find the same? Well! There is nothing to worry about as I am here to help with some of the best free SMTP servers for you. But, before going to the list, let’s find out the answers for some of the most commonly asked questions related to the same. 

free smtp tools

What is an SMTP server?

OK, let me help you with the definition in simple words. SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol to send and receive the messages between the sender and receiver over the internet. You can also say that SMTP simply directs and authenticates the transfer of email. It works in the form of a set of commands. 

You can understand this with the help of an example. What happens when you send an email to a person? Who transfers it to that one? It is an SMTP server that takes the responsibility to deliver your email with safety. It is actually completely or partially a postman. But, the process is not single-stepped. There are steps of processes to go through. 

Why Should you go for the free SMTP Servers?

The SMTP server is of great use. And, we already discussed it. Let us take a look at it’s more of the features. Definitely, it is all about transporting your email to the right destination. What would you do if your email does not reach its actual destination? It is actually problematic, no? 

Do you know how it works? When you compose an email and hit the “Send” tab after completing it, the email is changed into a chain or string of code. Then, that particular string of code is sent to the SMTP server. What does the SMTP server do? It simply passes on the message by processing the code. So, now you can easily understand the importance of SMTP code. 

Best Free SMTP Servers


So, if you have made up your mind to go for the SMTP server, it is another tough task lined up for cannot just randomly go for any of the SMTP servers, right? It is a good idea to try out the free smtp servers around. Yes, there are so many free Smtp servers that work the same as the paid servers. Let us check out 9 best free SMTP servers that you won’t make you regret.

1. Postmark

At the very first position, I would like to suggest the Postmark. This is an much-popular service that works efficiently in various ways. This email client performs good when it comes to the security. And, this factor cannot be neglected for sure. The deliverability as well as the speed is well-performed so, the transactional emails reach on time. Also, the analytics are excellent and will surely impress you. 

It also offers email templates that are mobile-friendly. It is indeed the best service provider for the transactional email in case of web applications. All the features contribute to the good reputation of the company in the industry.

For more details, you can visit the link,

2. Mailjet

The speciality of this service is, it is easy-to-use. So, you don’t have to worry about facing any issues even if you are a beginner. It allows you to write  informative as well as responsive emails using the email builder. This service is actually cloud-based and you can use it to send the based marketing emails.

The deliverability is amazing and does not fail to impress you at all. While using the service, you can send 6k emails per month for free. But, after that, you need to pay if you want to go further with the service. It also has the drag and drop email editor which is an excellent feature.

For more, you can visit the link,

3. Sendinblue

The next in our list is none other than, Sendinblue. The user-interface is highly easy to use. And, you can send over 9k free emails per month which is calculated as the 300 emails per day. It supports integrations, API and plugins. You will find it very easy to integrate the word press with the Sendinblue. 

With this service, sending the transactional emails is very easy. Also, you are allowed to send the emails manually with the help of a user panel. I highly recommend using this service for word press, this is really helpful as well as easy. 

For more, you can visit the link,

4. SendGrid

Let’s move forward by adding the SendGrid to our list. The service is highly popular and recommended with good reviews by the users. SendGrid is best when it comes to sending the emails in the secure environment. Yes, it gives priority to its users’ safety. The marketing features are highly appreciated. 

Coming to the number of emails you can send for free using the service. It is actually a free service up to 40k emails which is quite a large number. After that, you will need to pay. 

For more, you can visit the link,

5. Moosend

Moosend is another addition to this list. The service has got good reviews. The drag and drop kind-of the email builder is considered as one of the best features provided. You must use it for designing the excellent transactional emails. The rate of deliverability is really impressive. 

You are allowed to track the emails in real time. With the service, you can also create an awesome email blast. The service is free of cost but up to 1k subscribers only. After that, you will need to pay. 

For more, you can visit the link,

6. Elastic Email

If you want to go for the campaign, this can be the best idea. Whether you are a marketer or a designer, this is the best option for you. This goes well with all of the categories. You can get 1,50,000 emails for free which is quite a big number. 

One of the best privileges you will get that it automatically ignores the duplicates email addresses. The connection with HTTP API is fairly easy.

For more, you can visit the link,

7. Google SMTP server

This one is definitely not new to you. And, there is always a trust that has been built up within the users because of this name. You can go with this one and send 500 emails per day for free. This is the offer available for the trial period only. After that, you have to go for the plans.

The other awesome part is, you can use the other services of Google along with others such as Google drive. Your data is secured with Google itself.  

For more, you can visit the link,

8. Pepipost

The other cloud-based service is none other than Pepipost. The delivery rates are faster as compared to the other services. At least, this is what the company claims about its service. The service is free for a month, you can send up to 30,000 emails for up to 1 month.

Also, the sub-account management is really good and fast. The company is well-known to the world and you trust it without issues,

For more, you can visit the link,

9. Mandrill

Last on the list is, Mandrill. It is considered as one of the best services to send the transactional emails. The service is reliable. With this server, you can send 2,000 emails for free. 

The delivery infrastructure is really awesome. The sending options are actually customizable. It also has a plugin for the word press.

For more, you can visit the link, https://mandrill

So, these are the best free SMTP servers that I think you must try. These services are trustworthy and you can use it free too. You can choose the service as per your choice and ease. Good luck!

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