Apple lovers are always boasting about their products and how easy it is to use them but complications are hidden under the skin. Over time the devices start to slow down, and the components begin to wear out. So if your device is also slow and you want to know how to improve iPhone performance, check out some tips and tricks here.

Most of us are unaware that the major cause behind such issue is the compilation of a lot of junk files, outdated software, and unwanted processes that are running in the background. And so we would suggest that before you retire your old phone and switch on to a new one, give this article a quick read.

How to Improve iPhone?

Here are some insanely simple tricks that will help you improve the performance and battery life of your iPhone. So it’s time you enhance the productivity of your device and experience wonders. 

Check iOS is Updated

The operating system of the iPhone and iPad requires regular updates. And so updating the device to the latest version of iOS can grab the patches and serve as a fix for all the known and unknown problems. However, some of the iOS updates are feature-packed and designed with the latest blockbuster hardware that actually slows down the device. And updates like iOS 12 are gentler and claims to enhance the speed of older handsets.

You can check if your phone requires an update by going to the Settings. Click on the General> Software Update option.

Restart your iPhone

Previously it was advised to close down the unused apps as and when it comforts you. This enhances the performance, making iPhone faster. Just double-click on the Home button and then remove the unused apps by swiping up. However, this strategy has been debunked by Apple itself.

And so instead of clearing the apps, restart the iPhone completely. Power down your iPhone by pressing and holding the Sleep button till the Power slider appears. Now after 10 seconds, press and hold the Sleep button for no more than 5 seconds to restart the iPhone. Wait till you see the Apple icon, and the phone will restart. Restarting the phone will help you clear out the memory and will also fix unruly apps.

Delete Unused or Unwanted Apps

Another reason that leads to the sluggishness of the iPhone is lack of storage space. And the easiest way to free up space is by deleting some apps. So identify the apps that you are not using and are occupying a lot of space, and then follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Open Settings > General. Then click on Storage & iCloud Usage.

Step 2- Then click on Storage tab, and open ‘Manage Storage.’

There will be a list of apps along with the space they take up on your phone. You can delete the apps that are not required easily from here. Just click on the app and then select Delete app option on the next screen. Make sure you delete the apps such that you have 1GB memory left.

You can also remove apps from the Home Screen. Press and hold the app until it starts to jump and then click on the X option. By removing the apps you can free up some space and speed up iPhone and enjoy faster and better operation. 

Enable Low Power Mode

With iOS 9, a new feature came into a picture called the Low Power Mode. Turning on this mode will automatically turn off the power-sucking features especially when your phone hits the 20% battery border and almost all the features when it reaches 10%. However, most of the iPhone users are unaware of the fact that you enable this feature as and when you require.

So if you are facing low battery issue and want to conserve it, then enable the Low Power mode. Open Settings, click on Battery. Then toggle the switch next to Low Power Mode to the right direction. This will help you conserve battery making iPhone faster when necessary.

Clear Cookies and Data from Safari

Another way to improve the performance of your device is by emptying Safari’s cookies and data. This will also help you free up some memory on the phone. Click on Settings and scroll down till you find Safari. After opening Safari, click on Clear History and Website Data option.

On clearing the cookies you might find browsing a little difficult. Safari will no longer remember the URLs and therefore it won’t be able to suggest you. However, the bookmarked pages will be still available to you. This action will lead to loss of your preferences from some websites as well.

Kill Automatic Background Processes

The automated features also cause trouble in the smooth running of the iPhone. So getting rid of them will help in the faster running of your iPhone, and will also extend the battery life. And if you are running on iOS 7 or later version, which I’m sure you are, then follow the steps given below to improve the performance of your iPhone.

Step 1- Firstly, turn off the Automatic Downloads. For this, open Settings.

Step 2- Click on the iTunes & App Store. Here you will see the option of Automatic Downloads. Turn it off.

Step 3- Next, you need to turn off the Background App Refresh. Open Settings.

Step 4- Tap on General. And then click on Background App Refresh to turn it off.

The background processes are of no use and it is better you turn them off. After this, I’m sure that you will observe a big boost in the battery life of your iPhone. 

Turn the System Location Services Off

With iOS, you can give access to individual apps to Location Services. And so by disabling this feature in other apps you can save up your battery. The iOS core makes use of the Location Services which are a lot of times pointless. You can disable the Location services of the individual system from the Settings> Privacy> Location Services and System Services.

This also helps you to improve iPhone performance and battery life.

Turn Down the Graphics

With new and fancy updates there are high chances that it affects the performance of your phone. And so dialing down these new features can help enhance iPhone’s performance. Turn off the Motion first. Open Settings. And then click on General > Accessibility. Next, click on Reduce Motion and set it to On. This turns off the parallax effect of icons and alerts. When you run your phone in this setting, you will find it much easier to use.

You can also reduce the background effects as they also lead to the slowing down of your phone. Open Settings. And then tap on General > Accessibility. Next, enable the Increase Contrast and set Reduce Transparency option to On.

Update your Apps

Another way to improve iPhone performance is by keeping the apps updated. Yes, not only the operating system but you should make sure that the apps of your device are also updated. Old and outdated apps do not run as quickly or smoothly on the new iOS. So to speed up iPhone, it is important that you keep a check on the app updates. You can check the updates waiting in the App Store.

No Automatic Updates

Various iOS versions run different processes in the background so to make your work easier. Apps are automatically updated and so you do not have to go to the App Store and check out the ever-increasing number of updates waiting. Apps that update in the background occupy a lot of your device’s CPU.

But you can actually disable this feature update your apps manually as and when required via the App Store in order to improve its performance. Turn of the Updates option under the Automatic Downloads section. This will help you speed up iPhone immediately. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that by implementing these methods you will be able to overcome the sluggishness of your device. There are yet more tips and tricks that you will find on the Internet on how to improve the iPhone. If any of the other methods work best for you, don’t forget to share it with us.

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