Easy advanced settings addon for Kodi will help you configure your Kodi and will lead to some of the effective changes to your Kodi, just like a rooted android phone does. Generally, Kodi comes with a very limited access in its default settings. Out of all the settings and configuration, Easy advanced settings Kodi addon has the ability to give more power to your Kodi and also fix common issues like buffering of Kodi.

This add-on will solve all the issues regarding Kodi buffering while streaming videos. It’s just like a magic. The easy advanced settings Kodi will fix the buffering issues by configuring the cache memory more accurately. People have tried many solutions to fix the buffering issues, but with this easy advanced settings add-on, the problem is solved more easily.

In general, when we manage to watch movies or TV shows with internet gushing up, at that point heaps of information gets stacked continuously. We all are aware of the fact that watching a 4k HD quality movie or a TV show requires a lot of data. All of this data gets stored in the cache. For the system, it gets difficult to manage this huge amount of data and hence will make it difficult for the system to process it. And if the Kodi is not configured accurately, it will have buffer issues. To get rid of the Kodi buffering issues, cache buffer size needs to be increased. By increasing the buffer size, you would be able to allocate more memory to the cache. In this way, there will be enough space for the data to occupy the space and let videos stream at high quality.

You may also face a problem like where the add-on will be running in the background and constantly consuming the internet plus affecting system performance which directly leads to the slow performance of the system. Add-on running in the background and consuming the data plus the slow system performance may also be the reason behind the Kodi buffering issues. With the easy advanced settings add-on, the settings can be configured easily and the problem of Kodi buffering can also be solved.

Still, if you are facing the Kodi buffering issues, then the possible reason behind that is maybe your own internet. The reason may be that your internet issues with your ISP. Even if the server gets heavily loaded, the videos you are watching might start to buffer.

The videos will buffer irrespective of the internet speed if the server gets loaded heavily. In such cases, it is recommended that you must use a VPN. You can use IPVanish to develop a VPN connection for your Kodi. Using a VPN connection will hide your IP address provided by your internet service provider. The IP address will not be visible to your internet service provider and hence you would be able to browse even from restricted regions. For example, if the host server of the video you want to watch is located in the United States, then using a VPN connection such as IPVanish, you can select the United States location on IPVanish. Therefore, it will provide you with quick access to the server and the video will play continuously without buffering.

Now without wasting any more time, let’s get started with how to install the easy advanced settings addon on your Kodi.

How to Install Easy Advanced Settings Addon on Kodi

Below mentioned is a step by step guide to help you install the easy advanced settings Kodi Add-on.

Step 1 – Launch Kodi on your device and click on the settings icon to open the settings menu.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 2 – click on the File manager.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 3 – select the Add source option to add the file path of the add-on.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 4 – double click on the field which says <None>. After selecting the field, a window will pop up.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 5 – Copy paste http://repo.hackmykodi.com/ where it says <none> and press done. Finally, click on the OK button.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 6 – Now, name the media source or the file as per the name suitable to you or name the media source / file as “eas”. Then, click on the OK button.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 7 –Return back to the Kodi home page. You can do so by clicking the Esc button from your keyboard or keypad.

Now, click on the add-ons option. And then, click on the icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 8 – Now, you need to install the zip file.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 9 – To install the zip file, you need to select the folder or the media source you named earlier or the file / media source named as “eas”.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 10 – Now, click on the Program add-ons option.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 11 – click on the system settings.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 12 – Now, click on the zip file named as “plugin.program.advancedsettings-0.8.8.zip”.

Easy Advanced settings Kodi

Step 13 – You need to wait for a few moments until the file gets installed successfully. Once done, you will receive a notification.

Now, you have successfully installed the Easy advanced settings Kodi addon. Now, let us discuss some of the Kodi buffering fixes with Kodi easy advanced settings add-on.

Note that using the above method you can install Easy Advanced Settings on Kodi Krypton and all other versions as well.

Features of Easy Advanced Settings Addon

Apart from fixing the Kodi buffering issues, easy advanced settings add-on also have a lot more features. Few of them are listed below which are quite useful if used. Without wasting much time let us get started with discussing them. Some of the most useful features are listed below –

  1. Audio / Video playback settings – the audio / video playback settings you can make some great changes to your Kodi. If you need to customize the subtitle delay or the audio delay, fast forward speed of a video and much more. You can do all this using this feature.
  2. Troubleshoot settings – the troubleshoot settings solves the problem by troubleshooting the add-on itself. The add-on comes with an intelligence feature where to solve the minor issues it troubleshoots itself.
  3. Photos settings – this feature allows its user to make some settings related to like a slideshow, photo rotates, edit and some other basic things.
  4. Remote control settings – this option allows its users to make an edit to the remote delay or repeat timings.

Fix Buffering Issue using Easy Advanced Settings Addon (Best Settings)

Well, now that you have installed the addon, it’s time for you to do the best settings which will enhance your Kodi experience.

  • Go to Add-ons and then click on Program Add-ons.

You will be able to see Easy Advanced settings Add-on in the list. Click on it.

  • Next, Click on Edit settings as shown below.

  • You will now be seeing a big list of items. Scroll down a bit and select network settings.

  • Click on Network settings and then in the next page, click on Network.

  • After clicking on Network you will be able to see many options that you can edit. We need to edit the cache in order to fix the kodi buffering issue. Follow the image instructions to know how its done.

  • By default, the Cache option is disabled. Click on cachemembuffersize and enter the value 419430400. This number signifies 50Gb. You can use the lower number if you wish to not let Kodi create a big cache.

  • The next value to edit is readbufferfactor. Click on it and set its value to 20.
  • Set buggermode as 1.
  • Set curlclienttimeout as 10.
  • Set curllowspeedtime as 10.
  • The last value to change is the buffermode. Click on it and select 2 for it. That’s it.

  • The final settings should look like this;

The settings we did just now will help you fix buffering issue as we essentially told Kodi to cache our data which in fact is important specially when we watch content in HD.


With the step by step Installation guide provided above, I’m sure you will successfully install Kodi Easy Advanced Settings Addon. Also, remember that the method to install an add-on is always the same. The only thing that may change is the URL that you enter.

If the above given Add-on URL doesn’t work, simply comment below and we will provide the new source URL for the addon.

Till then, enjoy watching your favorite stuff on Kodi. Tada!!!

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