If there is a positive side to something, there will also be a negative side. Some people would find a way to use something new illegally or misuse the popular thing to earn profit and take more benefit from it as much as they can. So don’t consider if bitcoin is made for legal work; there will be only legal work, some people are using it illegally, and that is a powerful tool for them. This is the reason some countries banned bitcoin from doing any transactions through cryptocurrency.

In this article, we will learn how criminals are using bitcoin illegally; and this is an article for knowledge purposes only, and we do not recommend going with this. So without wasting time, let’s see the misuse of bitcoin in this internet world that we need to give our attention to.

Concept of Dark Web

Have you heard about the dark web? The dark web is the concept where no one can track your status whether you are doing illegal activities like purchasing illegal material, and this is very dangerous for all of us. Our data can be stolen from our computer or mobile phone, and you cannot complain or sue. Some websites are not trusted, and you can lose your money by visiting the website or by filling in the data about you, giving that website access to your computer files or administrator.

If you are using bitcoin that is stored in your computer system and you are also using dark web browsers for hiding your identity and if you access any of the dangerous websites to your computer by mistake or intentionally, you can lose all the files, data, and your bitcoin also. So using the dark web is very dangerous, and people are creating websites to hack the computer.

Browser for illegal work

We all have heard about Google Chrome, Firefox, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, but some browsers are used for legal functions, and one of the powerful browsers is TOR. Yes, the TOR browser is a browser that cannot be traceable.

No one can see the websites that you have visited, and your internet provider and government cannot trace your activities. Some activities are illegal, like selling and purchasing drugs and weapons and other activities are illegal.

TOR browser is a powerful tool for criminals, and they use it to purchase and sell banned items like drugs and weapons.

How will TOR help criminals misuse Bitcoin?

TOR browser is a part of the dark web, and many other browsers hide your identity. These browsers help you with safe browsing that means no one can track your search history or cannot see the websites you have visited, whether it is the government, internet provider, FBI, or any other investigation institution.

TOR browser is also called onion network or router. It will hide your IP address, that is your internet protocol that means your IP will tell the internet provider your search activities or activities on the internet, but these browsers will hide your protocol, and no one will trace you.

Criminals use bitcoin to purchase illegal goods and services by hiding their identity, and because bitcoin is a decentralized system and no one can control over bitcoin, so people use bitcoin payment to buy and sell illegal goods in dark web browsers by hiding their identity and in bitcoin eras, many criminals are using these browsers and bitcoin to do illegal activities.

Hackers on DARK WEB

There are many hackers on the Dark Web, and it is not the safest platform. Some people lost their bitcoin wallets because some websites can access your computer or device and can destroy or steal your files and data. There are many fake eCommerce websites for illegal work, and when you try to pay them, they can steal your bitcoin by accessing your bitcoin wallet because it is not safe.


From the above information, we have learned how criminals use bitcoin on the dark web for illegal activities, and some hackers are phishing the new users of dark web browsers and stealing their bitcoins. We do not recommend you to use the dark web to hide your identity; instead, you can use the simple browser for online shopping through bitcoin payment.

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