If you and your partner have been an item for quite a few years, sex can become a bit predictable and if this is the case, maybe it is time to spice things up. Assuming you enjoy good communication with your partner, there are many things you can do to arouse passion within the relationship, read on for more information.

  • Sex toys – Search online for a leading Australian adult store where you can browse strap on dildos and a wide range of vibrators; talk to your partner and find out what turns them on and you can both enjoy the exploration journey. Many couples now enjoy a revived passion thanks to adult toys and the supplier uses discreet packaging, so the neighbours will never know.
  • Subscribe to Pornhub – The perfect solution to bedroom boredom, there is so much adult content on this platform, once you find a few favourites, create a playlist to save time. Be open to new things and hopefully, your partner will open up about their likes and dislikes and you can both explore where it goes. There are other adult websites, and you and your partner can explore together.
  • Book a romantic long weekend getaway – Book a cosy cottage somewhere remote, turn off your devices, forget about the outside world and the mood will change. Champagne on ice, soothing hot bath, soft music in the background, the perfect ingredients for a romantic encounter and you will both return with renewed lust and passion.
  • Develop your stamina – Most men are quick finishers and that can really kill it for her; experiment with cock rings and other aids that can prolong sex sessions. If you are able to talk honestly with your partner, ask her directly if she is satisfied with your current sex life and if she does comment, don’t take it personal and adjust accordingly. There is medication for those with ED, talk to your doctor about this.
  • Set the scene – If you arrive home first, light some incense or scented candles, play soft music and dim the lights, when your partner arrives, serve their favourite cocktail and pamper them a little, enquiring about their day. All it takes is a change of ambience and with the kids away, you won’t be disturbed and you can both enjoy a sensual massage and a hot soak. Prepare the sex toys and login to Pornhub for a memorable evening with the one that you love. Take it a step further and become a sex toy tester to try new products for free.

Every couple experience periods when sex is infrequent and let’s not forget that the pressures of working life can cause your libido to suffer. Communication is the key with every relationship and sometimes we think something is wrong, when it isn’t; the stress of living can lead to relationship issues, especially in the bedroom.

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