If you’re about to move from a house to an apartment you might be aware of how much work you have ahead of you. This is especially the case if the apartment is a lot smaller than your current home. However, with a bit of work, you can make the whole moving process so much easier on yourself. Here’s how:

Start Downsizing Now

Moving house is never easy, but this is especially the case if you are moving to a smaller property. However, the sooner you make a start the sooner you’ll get everything done. Go through every single room in your home and decide what you want to take with you.

Make a pile of all of those things you cannot take with you. Consider donating your unwanted items or ask friends or family if they want them. If you’d like to make some money, you could always sell the items online or have a garage sale.

Please note, that downsizing can take a lot longer than you realize. This is why you should start working on it now, even if you’re not moving for a few months yet.

Now it’s time to separate those larger things you’re not taking with you from those you are. For example, if you’re not taking your refrigerator, put a sticker on it that says “Staying”. This will help you, and the removal company knows what to take and what to leave behind.

Measure your Furniture

One thing that you really need to do is to measure all of your furniture. This is because you need to know that it fits in the room you want it to be in. Measure the height, width, and depth. Keep a note of all these measurements so you can refer to them if you need to. You might find that you have to leave some furniture behind because it just won’t fit.

Work out How You’re Going to Move

How are you going to move all of your items to your new home? Will you hire apartment movers like https://californiamoversusa.com/moving-services/apartment/ or are you going to hire a truck and do all the work yourself? If you do decide to hire a moving company it’s always worth getting quotes from different companies. This is because different companies offer different services and prices.

If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, you might want to look out for those moving firms that charge extra to move up to an apartment that’s on the second or third floor. Do your research and look for a good price with a moving firm that can do everything you need them to do.

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Consider all of the Perks

Many apartment complexes now come with a pool, a gym, and other amenities. What’s more, is you won’t have to take look after and clean them. This means you can use the gym, for example, as often as you like without having to service the equipment.

Getting Used to Less Space

You are likely to have a lot less space than you used to. This is unless you’re moving from a small house. You will need a lot less furniture and chances are you’ll need a lot less of everything. This means you’ll have to sort through all of your kitchen items and make sure you only have those things you really need.

When you get rid of some of your large furniture, chances are you might need to buy new, smaller furniture. This can be a bonus as it means you’ll have something nice and new for your apartment.

If you have a lot of things and you’re not sure what to get rid of try making the most of your space. Put shelves up in one of your closets. Consider storing items on bookshelves rather than in a small unit that takes up a lot of room.

Think About Your Pets

Do you have a few pets who tend to spend time in your yard? Will they miss it when you move? Most apartments don’t come with a yard unless it’s a communal one. Make sure you consider your pets when you’re looking for an apartment. If there’s no place to take your dog you might have to be prepared to take them outside early in the morning and last thing at night.

Get Used to Having Neighbors

We all have neighbors but when you live in an apartment complex you’ll probably live a lot closer to your neighbors. You might even live across the hall from them. Try to find an apartment that is in the corner of the building as there will be less noise.


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