Social media contest tools! What are they? How do they help you? I know most of you wouldn’t have even heard of something like this. But guys if you are running an online business, then these Instagram contest tools will help you in lead generation engagement, lead nurturing and increase in reach and traffic.

Using these tools is definitely a great way to promote your business, and nurturing the relationship with existing users. So if you are running a campaign for social media marketing then you can also try these contests to build your email list and create a wider audience and fans following.

Best Instagram Contest Tools

So there are some tools that do not require you to code or get into much design work. You can easily use the template offered by them to create a contest. Here are the top 10 Instagram Contest tools that you can try.


If you are looking for a tool to host a contest on your social media like Facebook or even Instagram, then you can use ShortStack. It is billed as the most powerful platform to host contests. You can create and design forms, and landing pages to run contests on your website or page.

For both platforms, hosting contests is a bit different. While for Facebook you can do it via an app or directly post it to your timeline, Instagram contests come with customized forms and are quite simple. It allows you to use branded hashtags for your followers to enter the contest. Also, you provide people a full visual experience by moderating and creating entry galleries.

Key features:

  • All-in-one contest dashboard
  • Great landing page builder
  • Follow-up and programmed email
  • Easily collect content by user
  • Campaign pop-ups
  • Embeddable contests
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Hashtag promotions

With the increase in the number of YouTube Influencers, you will find the ShortStack’s features for running giveaways, discounts, sweepstakes and photo and voting contests. And using the share widget option you can increase your engagement and reach a wider audience.

Pricing: There are limited features for free; while the plan starts from $29month and goes up to $499//month.


Another social media contest tool that you might have heard of is VYPER. Its viral contests, sweepstakes, rewards programs and giveaways are designed to help you grow your business. Their two campaigns are the driving force of viral marketing.

These are:

  1. Viral Contests– It includes giveaways that increase social engagement and email content through social referrals.
  2. Reward Programs– Reward/ loyalty programs provide points for referrals and in-store purchases.

These campaign types do not require any coding skills to create professionally designed landing pages. However, to create your own page, advanced users should have the required knowledge.


  • Viral content creation
  • Contest landing pages
  • Reward/ loyalty program creation
  • Refer-a-friend style and bonus entry
  • Optional inclusion of leaderboard
  • Email follow-ups
  • Cryptocurrency contests
  • Milestone rewards

You can make use of upgraded content, leaderboards, sweepstakes, and interactive popups to create campaigns with VYPER. Leaderboards encourage users to engage more, a great way for making your contests a hit. This platform also uses API integration to verify the entries. And so with features like Milestone Rewards, this tool is doing quite great amongst the people.

Pricing: As you start the campaign it is free, and the Pro plan starts at 49$/month.


Another robust contest app that comes with great features is Gleam. It helps you grow your business. But what are the two main cause of using Gleam-

  • To grow social media following
  • To get more email leads

No matter what your goal is, both of them can be easily achieved using Gleams. Its drag and drop functionality makes the addition of an entry to your contest quick and easy. There are more than 20 ways that you will find to enter. And what makes the process easier is that everything can be done in one app, with just one click.


  • Build powerful competitions
  • Responsive social galleries
  • Instantly redeemable rewards
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Email capture
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Social and email integration
  • Integration with Google Analytics

One thing which seems to be very impressive about Gleam is that every action of the user is verified. On the basis of this track, qualified data is obtained which reduces the further work of elimination of wrong entries.

Pricing: Try the free plan to try a few things, or else you can opt for any plan. However, we would suggest you go for the yearly plan to save up to 24%.


With Wishpond you get a wide range of marketing and contest tools to select from to grow your business. Even though most of the contests offered by Wishpond are aimed at Facebook, you can create hashtag contests for Instagram and Pinterest.

Like the other contest platforms, Wishpond also has referral rewards, daily entry voting, and fully customizable forms. You can start easily by using your branding colors and visuals to form a unique looking contest form. And host them on your site with the help of WordPress plugin.


  • Landing pages
  • Contests & promos
  • Popups & forms
  • Email drip campaigns
  • Marketing automation
  • A/B testing
  • Marketing integrations
  • WordPress plugin
  • API access

Real-time reports are also available on the dashboard which is very super-attractive about Wishpond. Its A/B split testing and campaign metrics tracking help to optimize the overall performance of the contest. After the campaign, you can even analyze the data that will help you further in email targeting.

Pricing: Before starting any plan with Wishpond, you can try the 14-day free trial. Its plans start from 49$/month.


Heyo is an easy to use and intuitive platform to run social media contests. With Heyo, you can host photo contests, video contests, and sweepstakes.

And just like other tools, you can create for your contests beautiful landing pages. It is compatible with all devices and so there are no chances of you missing out on any important leads.

Key features:

  • Flat design templates
  • Visual editor
  • Quick setup and fast publication
  • Multi-format contests
  • Customized email templates
  • Hashtag promotions
  • 3rd party email integration
  • GEO IP settings

Heyo is however limited to only Facebook when it comes to publishing options. However, it embeds both web and mobile platforms. It has recently introduced the Heyo 2.0 update with which you can even access the campaign-specific analytics. And you know what they have even introduced about 32 new responsive templates for mobile.

Pricing: The basic plan starts from $25/month and goes up to 199$/month.


If you want to launch interesting contests for Facebook, then you can use AgoraPulse. Basically it is a social media management tool, but you can still use its Facebook app to run some fantastic contests.

There are various contest options like quizzes, sweepstakes, photo and fan vote contests, Facebook coupons and instant win. Getting started with AgoraPulse is easy.

What’s interesting about this tool is that you can get complete details about your campaign with its Automated Inbox Assistant. You just need to combine it and give some control rules on communications.


  • CRM
  • Detailed analytics suite
  • Team collaboration
  • Audience insights
  • Message Management

For such social media contest tools, the primary focus is the key metrics. And one of the most talked features of AgoraPulse is its sophisticated reporting system and analytics. You can get great ideas with the Facebook Timeline contest.

Pricing: The medium plan of AgoraPulse starts from €79/month and if you want you can choose the Enterprise plan that will cost you €459/month.


Another great platform for hosting contests is Woobox. This social contest platform offers coupons, sweepstakes and more for Twitter and Facebook pages. So after you are done with running some contests you can also build interactive games, polls lead generation forms and landing pages. You can even post some contests for your Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube platforms as well.

You can get started with Woobox easily. Just select one of the already made campaigns and use the drag and drop functionality. This will help you infuse the branding elements in your contest.


  • Stylish templates for landing page
  • Easy participant management
  • Customizable language and design
  • Campaign optimization
  • 6 ways to display
  • Automation options
  • WordPress plugin
  • 500+ integrations

So you run a contest and while it is live, Woobox gives you the option of diving into the analytics. To get the best results you can fine-tune the promotions on your page. The campaigns by Woobox are mobile friendly and come with a dedicated URL. Just like other tools, the free version offers some limited features, however, if you go for any of their paid plans, you can enjoy unlimited marketing campaigns.

Pricing: There is a free version that offers limited features. The basic plan starts from $37month and goes up to $249/month.


To run giveaways and sweepstakes, another popular tool that you can use is Rafflecopter. The main aim of this tool is to launch and manage the mega simple giveaways without the need for any IT or professional help. Out of all the tools mentioned above, it is definitely one of the easiest to use. You just need to select the entry method, the prize that you want to offer and publish it.


  • Advanced theme engine
  • 6 language integrations
  • Advanced typographic control
  • White labeling
  • Email list integration
  • Works in any timezone
  • Bonus entries
  • Terms & conditions builder
  • Excel exporting

Running a contest on Pinterest and Twitter using Rafflecopter is as easy as copying and pasting a code. With one-click integration, it allows easy entry and offers a super easy and engaging way to let people enter the competitions. yes, that’s right. And the stats say that recent giveaway generated by Rafflecopter was over 1K of Facebook shares and reached more than 400,000 people with more than 13,000 Facebook likes and 51,000 entries.

It is definitely a massive punch, for just a simple tool like this.

Pricing: You can try Rafllecopter’s 7-day free trial, and if you like the features you can start with the basic plan that costs 13$/month and goes up to $84/month.


There are various online tools available to host contests for your users and followers. Interact is one such tool for businesses that helps to create quizzes online. So you can generate leads and drive traffic to your site. With this platform, you can also create personality quizzes, assessment quizzes, and scored quizzes.

Also, Interact gives you the option of converting any quiz into a Facebook ad. You just need to use the Interact Quiz Maker platform for doing so. And there are more than 40 categories which have about 800 quiz templates from which you can choose. And the best part is all these templates are for free.


  • Various types of Quizzes
  • 800 free templates
  • Marketing Automation System
  • Interact Quiz Platform

Interact is not that popular amongst the users but it definitely worth a try. If you are planning to aim towards quizzes only, then it is the best tool for you. You can even connect your quiz to your marketing automation system or email marketing directly.

Pricing: You can start with the free version of Interact and if you like it you can start with the plan for $17/month.


The last social media tool that you can try is Pagemodo. It is a popular platform that helps in creating social marketing identity, managing profiles, and engaging the customers. You can create contests like sweepstakes, and contact forms to generate new leads using the Facebook custom tabs.

The contests using Pagemodo is not only intended for fun but also grows interaction and awareness. Yes, you read that right. With the videos and photo contests, it also helps to run essay contests. You can become creative with trivia games and questions.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Custom tabs
  • Customer engagement
  • Reward/loyalty programs
  • Interactive and creates awareness

The winners can be chosen manually or randomly. And the winners are rewarded with special prizes that help to increase the business. And if you do not wish to use the Facebook tab you can use the Product tab to sell your products.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $6.25/month.

Few More Social Media Contest Tools

Wrapping Up

There are so many contest tools available nowadays that running a contest on your Facebook or Instagram page has become a lot easier. We have tried to bring you the best in the field. You can try any of these for your users, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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