iOS emulators are something that gives you the advantage to use the applications of apple in windows without changing the hardware system. Moreover, if you are willing to get an experience of the user interface of iOS then you can use the iPhone emulators. The best thing about them is that you can play mobile games like PUBG and Pokemon Go on your PC.

Apart from this if you are a developer then also it can be of great use to you. Using this you can check the unexpected behavior of the apps during the testing phase. There a lot of iOS emulators available over the web. This creates a lot of confusion which directly causes hype between the people. To clear that confusion and hype we have brought 5 iPhone emulators for PC

The best thing about these 5 iOS emulators for PC is that they are free to use. And some of them provide trial period which can be used to check out the functions of them. In case you own an Android device and want try iPhone Apps on Android then check out our list of iOS Emulator for Android too.

Benefits of using iPhone Emulators for PC

The usage of iPhone emulators for PC can provide you a number of advantages. But below we have provided the uses which can be really said as advantages:

  • You can use iPhone emulators for testing apps before their release
  • They give you access to use iOS apps on different platforms
  • Using an iPhone emulator, you can experience the user interface of iPhones or iPads
iPhone Emulator For PC
iPhone Emulator For PC 2021

Some of the Cons of iOS Emulators for Windows

Apart from its amazing features, there are some cons of these Emulators which doesn’t give you the real comfort of running iOS apps. Some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • The Emulator programs are laggy and it might cause issues while running any heavy iOS Apps. It will not give the same performance as you get on your iPhone device.
  • You need a PC with high specs to run these Emulators as they consume a lot of memory and storage.
  • Sometimes, you may not get better visuals even if your PC has sufficient GPU and processor.

So these were the Pros and Cons of the iOS Emulator for Windows. Now, check out the list of best iPhone Emulator For PC which is given below. We have shared only the best working iOS Emulator For PC in the given list. Also, check out KineMaster For PC in case you love editing videos.

5 Best iPhone Emulators for PC 2021

So here is the list of the best iPhone emulators which would give you access to use iOS apps on a Windows PC. We are pretty sure that reading this article till the end will help you to get the experience of iOS on a Windows PC. So the list goes like this:

1. iPadian

First on the list of 5 iPhone emulators for PC hits the iPadian. It is considered to be one of the best and widely used iPhone emulator for PC. Also, this program is easily available for Windows PC. It gives you access to experience iOS user interface on your Windows PC screen. One thing which you might face is that you will be unable to access apps from the App Store

iPadian iOS Emulator

But the best thing is that iPadian gives you access to an inbuilt store that has all the apps available over the App Store of iOS. Following are the steps which you can use to download and install iPadian into your PC:

  • Simply download iPadian from here
  • Now tap twice on the file downloaded from above link
  • Proceed by following the instructions shown on the screen of your PC
  • This will result in the successful installation of iPadian on your Windows PC. Now you can follow these steps to run iOS apps on your PC
  • Simply open the iPadian from the desktop app and head on to the section of the App Store. Here you can find the apps available on the App Store of iPhone. You can simply download and install them in order to get the experience of iOS on Windows PC or laptop.

iPadian is one of the best programs to run iOS Apps on Windows PC. Well, if you are not satisfied with this emulator, you may try out others too which are also given below. Also, have a look at Droid Buddy 2 Apk which is one of the most interesting applications.


Appetize is also one of the most preferred iPhone emulators for PC. It is widely used because of its ease of use. Finding the solution for a particular app is made quite simple by this emulator. You just need to upload your particular app and follow the instructions to get the solution. Emulator

Apart from this, Appetize is a web browser-based iPhone emulator for PC. Moreover, Appetize can be used for free as well as it has premium plans too. Buying a premium plan will help you to get access to all of its premium features. It comes packed with great features like you can use Appetize for the testing phase of apps. Apart from this, you can also use it to embed apps on particular websites over the web.

3. Ripple

Now, third on the list of 5 iPhone emulators for PC hits the Ripple. If you are looking for an iPhone emulator that could provide you a smooth experience, then this might become your ideal choice. As discussed above, Appetize is a browser-based iPhone emulator. Similarly, Ripple works as an extension which can be added to chrome. Also, try out Xbox One Emulator that lets you play Xbox games on PC.

Ripple iPhone Emulator

Ripple is one of the best application used for testing HTML5 and cross-platform mobile applications. Moreover, it eliminates the need of going through a complicated process. The best thing about Ripple is that it is completely free to use. Also, you can change the device without restarting the iPhone emulator which you are using on your Windows PC.

4. Xamarin TestFlight

Another best iPhone emulator for PC is named as TestFlight. It became so successful and popular that now the official company Apple owns it. It is used by Apple to test the apps before launching them. Moreover, you can consider it as the best iPhone emulator recommended by Apple for the testing phase of the apps.

Xamarin Testflight iOS Emulator
Xamarin Testflight

The best thing about this iPhone emulator is that it is completely free and supports multiple versions of apps. This includes app support for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and iMessage. The only problem which you might face while its usage is the setup is comparatively tough as compared to the others. Apart from this, it also needs to create an App Store distribution profile. 

5. Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

Another popular iPhone emulator to test applications or experience iOS on Windows PC is Remoted Ios Simulator for Windows. This emulator is made by keeping in mind the ideas and needs of a developer. It has been connected with Microsoft.

Remoted iOS Simulator
Remoted iOS Simulator

You can check out the official site of Microsoft which has documentation available over the web. The user interface of this emulator is quite simple and smooth. It also holds a toolbar above all. It has shortcuts to Home, settings, lock, and screenshot. By heading on to settings, you can also enable the functionality of Touch ID.

6. iMAME

This is another best iOS emulator for Windows which is specially created to run ios apps and games. The sole purpose of this emulator is to provide good user experience, not of app testing. The applications work without any hassles and work without any lags.

The term MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator which means that the emulator is created to play thousands of classic arcade [ROM] by Sega, Nintendo, and many others. The best thing about this emulator is that you can download and enjoy various games for free.

7. Air iPhone

The next emulator we have is Air iPhone which works on Adobe Framework. It reproduces the iPhone UI and resembles iOS 6. It doesn’t seem worthy as it lacks many features. On the other hand, it doesn’t support some main apps like App Store and Safari.

Last Words:

So these were the 5 iPhone emulators for PC. These emulators are the best iOS emulators available over the web. Apart from almost every emulator can be used for free. Some have their paid versions also. Thus, if you are impressed by its features then you can go for the premium plans too. What are your opinions after using these programs on your computer, let us know your feedback in the comments.

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