Regardless of the business, you run, it is essential to be productive. However, strategies and techniques aren’t always enough if you do not have the requisite tools to implement them. Here, we have come up with a few tools that will help you implement the strategies and techniques in the best manner possible.


At times, it gets challenging to keep a tab on your business contacts. It is the reason why you need assistance from a great contacts manager. Well, if that’s what you need, you can download the Cloze app. The application offers an all-in-one network of contacts, an email command center, and a social media platform. It will sync all the details of your contacts from the email and social networks to help you stay up to date with your contacts. Stanley, an online homework help provider who works with TopAssignmentExpertssays that he used the Cloze apps to tweet about his status to his network of professionals. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS. 

If you are someone who tends to forget the day-to-day chores amidst the busy schedule, is the app for you. The app provides you with notes, to-do lists, and reminders to keep you aware of all the things that you need to do in due time. Besides this, the app also shares your list with other people. You can even use the app to delegate tasks to your juniors. The application has excellent sync capabilities and will sync the data between mobile platforms, desktop, and web. So, you can always update your lists in real-time. There is a voice entry feature in the application, which allows you to add items to the lists by speaking. It goes a long way in reducing your stress of typing out everything. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.


The beauty of this application is that it turns your phone’s camera into an OCR tool and a document scanner. So, with the app, you get the ability to convert your pictures of paper documents into JPG or PDF formats. You can also save your files on your phone or the cloud and share it with others in your circle. The app also has scan quality optimization and smart cropping to allow you to handle everything and convert it into an e-document. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.


Do you love reading books? If yes, then there is quite a possibility that you have spent more than a few hours reading articles at the time when you should be doing something important. Sounds relatable? Well, fret no more, we have all been there. To overcome this problem, you should consider getting the Pocket app. It is the rebranded version of the Read it later and is an incredible offline reading tool. Sonya, an associate with TrumpLearningsays that she often selects and saves articles, videos, pictures, and blogs for viewing them later while traveling. So, now you can save all the interesting reads and focus on the task in hand, and then read the articles later. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.


Evernote is an incredible cross-platform for taking notes. With the application, users will be able to upload and take notes, pictures, audios, and videos. Further, you can organize them into notebooks, which can be shared across several devices. The application comes with many powerful tools and offers excellent options for sharing, organization, and formatting. Though there are many applications available for note-taking, Evernote’s popularity and prominence are still unmatchable.


The application has been around for several years now, but there is absolutely nothing that can undermine this platform’s significance. It is because of dropbox that cloud storage is what it is today. The app provides users with a go-to solution to store and share files seamlessly. You can look at Dropbox as an online locker to store your files, documents, pictures, videos, and a lot more. The good thing is you can access it anytime and anywhere, and you can also download the files if you wish to access it offline. It is a great app for file sharing and collaboration.

Google Keep

Have you ever wanted to write down something which you can refer to later? This application will famously solve your purpose. Google Keep is Google’s note-taking application which is available free to all users. You can save your notes in any format including Text, Images, Audios, and Videos in the form of straight notes or list. Every note can be given a heading, enabling an easy search system. The best part of this application is that all your notes will be sync to your mail ID and can be accessed on any devices. This mobile application is freely available to Android and iOS operating systems. It is developed in JAVA language.


This is a paid application designed for macOS. It helps remote workers to enhance their work productivity by offering many amazing features. Here you can set a goal for each day that can be further broken down into many small tasks mapped with each hour. So that you can stay focused to complete that particular tasks in that particular hour. It helps in improving the habit of organized and focused. This is not done yet, despite this, it has some amazing features like Website Blocker (block website to send you notifications, or social media engagement), App Blocker, Session Timer, To-do lists, Day Planner, etc.

Out of millions of applications in the market I have tried to cover a few of them which is basic to advance and which I use to enhance my productivity at work. All the above applications are designed to develop a planned and organized work style. Though some of them might not seems very productive in the beginning but it helps a lot in transforming our distracted focus to achieve the set goal and make us successful.

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